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The drummers cousin


1. talking about her

Ashton's POV

Today I called the boys over to tell then that my cousin Jaycee is going to be flying over here in Australia to live with me cuz she dose not have eny where els to go.(A.N did I just use cuz in a sentence wtf) As I sat on my couch I heard a knock on my door that must be them. U open the door and the the lads in. So what did you need to tell us ash Calum said. Well boys sit down they did as they were told. Well I have a cousin the is flying out here to live with me because she has nowhere els to go so. What is her name luke said. Her name is Jaycee. Ok so do you guys want to spend the night so we can all go to the airport tomorrow to go and get her yeah? I said they said ya. Calum's POV

So ash liked the boys and I to come over to tell us something so when we got to ashes house we knocked he opens the door and told us to go sit down in the couch so we did. Then he started to talk he was talking about his cousin Jaycee coming to live with him and we were going to spend the night to go get her from the airport tomorrow.



So today me and the boys woke up at 6:00 am do her plane will land at 8:00 so we got ready then we went and got breakfast and

then we got to the airport at 7:39 do we had a little time until her plane lands.

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