When Maggie's case worker finds her a relative to live with, she is moved 10 hours away from Jacksonville, North Carolina to Apollo, Pennsylvania- a very small town in the backwoods of Western Pennsylvania. Maggie has trouble settling in: she doesn't fit in at school, she is uncomfortable around her aunt, and she doesn't like the cold weather. However, a Friday Night Football game turns Maggie's world upside down.


3. Chapter Two;

"What are you doing?" is what the tall, blonde boy, also known as Matt, asks when I crawl over him at nearly midnight, searching for my jeans that are thrown somewhere across his room. "Come lay back down," he coos. "We'll go for another round." 

"I need to go," I mumble, throwing a shirt that is clearly not mine on. I finally find my jeans when he turns over and places the pillow over his head to block out the light that I had turned on.

I walk down the stairs of the house and see a few of the boys sitting around, while one of them throws darts. One with curly hair nods at me as I reach the bottom of the stairs, "He throw you out already?" His friends laugh at this.

"He wanted to keep going. I need to get going," I say. "Can any of you tell me where the trail is?" 

Curly laughs, "Now is not the time to be going to the trail, Maggie." 

"Shut up, Adam," a boy who also has blonde hair says. "Where are you from anyway?"

"I just moved here. From North Carolina. My house is by the trail but I only got here today. Can you tell me where to go?" I ask, frantically. "My Aunt will be worried about me." 

Adam nods his head toward the boy who had asked me where I came from, "Nathan seems eager. I'm sure he'll take you." 

Nathan finishes throwing his darts, and hits one in the middle of the board. The boys cheer at this and all take a drink from their beer cans. Nathan laughs and walks past me, "Let's go." I follow behind him and slowly walk out the door, shouting goodbye over my shoulder to boys are now disinterested in me. I walk a few paces behind me to figure out which car is his. When he climbs in the driver's seat of a truck, I slip into the passengers seat, a beat behind him, so as not to seem awkward. "Thanks for taking me," I say as he starts the car.

"Least I could do. Wouldn't want my parents to see you there in the morning," he chuckles slightly. "They'd be pissed if they knew that Matt was having sex."

"Matt's your brother?" I ask, feeling my face get red. 

He nods and laughs. "Don't be weird with me now. I don't care who he sleeps around with." 

"Oh God, that was a mistake," I say and start laughing aloud. When I notice the concern on Nathan's face, I quiet down. "I've never had sex before. I've never done anything before."

He looks at me quickly before turning his attention toward the road again, "And in one night you decide to sneak out, drink, and have sex with some random boy?"

I laugh again, "Yeah. And I'm never going to do that again. That was the worst thing I've ever been through. Your brother is either no good at having sex or I really just didn't like it." Before he has time to respond, I point out the house that is mine now. I see that my aunt's car is still gone and am instantly relieved. I wouldn't want to make a bad impression on her on my first night here. 

"Thank you again for the ride," I say as I hop out of the truck. 

He smiles at me, and I look at him for a few seconds, "It was no problem, Maggie. Come around any time that you would like to. You seem like a nice girl." I shut the car door and walk up to the porch, watching as his headlights turn in the westward direction as he pulls out, and stare until the darkness consumes the space around me. Alone once again.

I cautiously enter the house, into the strange silence that reminds me of home, when my mother would lie stoned on the couch, unable to respond to me in any sort of way. However, I feel more comfortable in this silence. It might be the fact that I'm slightly drunk, but I have a feeling I might actually enjoy myself here. I put away the dinner that I had not touched, left still on the stove as Lisa had told me earlier in the evening. I wash the dishes after, rummaging through the cupboards to find where each of the dishes belong. 

As I'm doing this, Lisa comes through the door and assists me, explaining that she will give me a more in-depth tour of the house before she has to go to "the shop" in the morning. She quickly heads to bed, saying, "I'm far too old to be working until midnight. But, whatever pays the bills." 

"I can help. I mean, since I'm staying here and all, I could get a job and help you out," I suggest. 

To my surprise, she laughs, "Oh, no darling. Though, you should find a job, in case you want to go out with friends or something. There's a little music shop downtown that's hiring. You should check it out. I'll drive you down in the morning when I go to the shop." 

"Thank you," I call, as I see she is no longer in the room with me. 

I make my way to the bathroom and search around for an extra toothbrush. When I find an unopened one, I open it and brush my teeth, before hopping into the shower. I spend nearly half an hour under the hot water, something I have not had the pleasure of experiencing in a dreadfully long time. 

When I finish the shower, I trudge to my bedroom and lie in the soft, warm blankets. I smile before drifting into a deep sleep. 

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