Hidden War

When young Bailey McAllen's life begins to fall apart at the seams she begins to break down and in the midst of all that has happened to her she begins to belive nobody could ever fix her broken heart and broken home. Little does she know that not too far away there is somebody who may be able to help her. He will have to fight to break through to her will she trust him or will it all come falling down again? In all the confusion there's gotta be a light. Right? Warning: self harm blood gore and some language


1. The Lion and The Lamb

He had scars on his face. She had scars on her arms and legs. they where both broken inside.


     Demitri curled further into the corner as the toe of aurthur's shoe slammed into his side again. He braced himself for another blow but none came. He shifted a little on his side and felt the cool surface of the basement wall and tried to focus on that instead of the brueses and welts that where forming on his body. He shut his eyes tight when suddenley he felt a hand on his collar, lifting him from his place on the ground. Then aurthur was in his face. He could see the man's brown hair and his dark blue eyes gleaming with rage. He looked directly at demitri and mouthed the words "talk again". When demitri didn't answer he slaped him hard across the face, the man's watch catching his cheek and slicing into it. He winced and almost imidiatly aurthur responded. The thin man pulled a knife from his pocket and caught demitri across his forehead narrowly missing his eye but grazing his eye brow. Aurthur was a mute. He was very bitter about it and demitri had made the mistake of speaking in front of him.

     He let demitrie's collar lose and the boy fell to the ground once more. It took everything in him not to make a sound as his bruised and bloodied body conected with the solid concrete floor. When the stars in his eyes cleared he saw the elevator door in the basement sliding shut with aurthur inside. He just bareley managed to pull himself up onto his butt and tried to slowley scoot to the far corner of the room and he was feeling every inch that he moved with a terrible pain. in the corner there was a crack in the thin concrete where it looked like something heavy had once been dropped. there was an area of dirt there and in the dirt was everything that demitri held any value to. there was a torn and slightley burnt shread of fabric and stuffing from a toy bear he had owned as an infant. Aurthur had burned it when he was six because he tried to steal food. a beating had followed. Then there was a broken gold chain. suposedly it had once belonged to his mother but there was really no telling for he had been with aurthur since he was one year old. Atleast that was what he had been told. His mother didn't want him because he was the product of an abusive relationship and she never told his father that she sold him off to some weird ring of servants for the rich and sleasy. She told him it was an adoption agency. but that was how he got here and stayed here for fifteen years. Aurthur wanted a personal servant and he always got what he wanted one way or another.

     The only other thing burried in the dirt was a shard of a broken mirror that the boy kept for the strict pupose of examining wounds he could not see. It had come from a time when aurthur got so mad he puched a mirror and demitri was called in to clean it up. he had simply found the biggest piece he could hide and put it under his shirt.

     Now he dug for the glass to examine the cuts on his face. From the blood he could see falling infront of him on the floor the cut from the knife was bleeding sufficiantly. finally after picking away at the hard packed soil he saw something glimmer in the dirt. If Aurthur even got the slightest idea that he held these preciouse items here he would take them all away. He picked the shining object out of the earth and bruched it off with his shirt. In the dim reflection he saw a boy whose raven hair was matted and dirtied with dust, dirt, and fresh blood. His skin was deathly pale but his green eyes still shined through the mess. The cut's seemed to have gone from the left corner of his mouth to the middle of his cheek. It was shallow and barely bled. The other however was dark and deep with blood and torn flesh. It would probably need a bit of medical care. Demitri replaced the glass in the dirt and covered it again. He knew  that if Aurthur was in a better mood in about an hour he would send somebody to take care of it and pay them to keep their mouth shut. If he wasn't over whatever made him angry in the first place Karter would just come to save him. He always did.

     Karter had found him starving down here when he was seven and had checked on him at least every other day if not every day since. It was a constant reminder that he may get away from the constant beatings one day. He didn't even know how karter found him in the first place but he did and demitri thanked god every day for it. When karter found him he gave him food, water, and whatever medical attention he could give at the time. When demitri  asked him about a month after being found why karter never took him away from this place Karter told him there where extinuating sicumstances that prevented it.

     Since then demitri spent his life cleaning aurthurs personal quarters, in the service elevator that lead only from this specific part of the basement to the upper most floor of the huge office building, or in the one blocked off part of the basement where he lived, he had never seen karter outside of the little room. In the small room there was a mattress with a torn blanket and a small pillow. A chest about two feet long and one foot wide that held all of his clothing items. there was a bucket under a small spicket in the wall that put out water. Demitri scooted over to it now and cleaned the blood off his face as best he could them climbed over to the matress and decided to sleep until someone came for him.


     Bailey stopped on the corner of the sidewalk. As she waited to cross the street there was a small subconciouse prayer that her uncle wasn't home. She was home earlier tan ususal wich meant he may not have left for the graveyard shift at Jamison offices. Aurthur Jamison owned the place and made it a point to only take long lasting empoloyees like her uncle. He had worked there for twenty years.

     He was her mother's brother so when her mother died and her father began to travel to often to take the red headed toddler with him. Gradually they just lost track of the  man and he seemed to forget about them entirly. She almost regreted not trying harder to video chat him more. There where never major injuries when other people where going to see her. Her uncle wasn't very fond of seeing the face of his dead sister everytime she came near him so he drank and smoked and beat the living shit out of her every chance he got. He was a cruel man and could be just as nice and deciving when company was over. "My clumsy neice fell down the stairs" or "She ran into a door". It was all the same lie. Anything to cover up what she was hiding under her shirt. She owned nothing but long sleeves. Not only to cover up what he had done to her, but also what she had done to herself.

     Her blue eyes saw a hole in the cars and she dashed across the busy street. The other side of the sidewalk was empty and lead straight to the office building where her uncle and herself resided. He was one of the 24 hour security guards that lived on site in apartments on the second highest floor. There where four of them all together. There was her uncle, thomas. Then there was theresa, a nice woman who often braught some type of food to the security break room and she was an exelent cook. Of course bailey was always welcome to the food and the break room. There was also michael. There wasn't much to say about him other than he was the embodyment of average joe. The only other guard was karter.He was this big burley black dude that kinda creeped her out. He never spoke and if he came out of his corner of the building it was only for his guard shift or to run errands. Bailey had tried to talk to him often when she was little but he barely responded. Theresa told her he really was nice he was just quiet.

     She walked streight up the path to the building seeing her uncle walk one time around the entrance while karter headed in since his shift had just ended. He then left it to one of the part time security guards. Her uncles shift was from 3 pm to 9 pm. After that he would go drink somewhere and likely not be back until theresa's shift at 3 am. Then he would come home and sleep. He never woke up before bailey left for school so she was normaly safe. Right up until the weekend and summer break, and today was friday.

     She was used to it by now but she had come up with a new theory. If she got into a little trouble before hand she could at least tell herself she deserved it. It was a morbid theory but it made sense in her slightly broken mind. No child deserved any of this no matter the trouble they cause but there was no way she could stop it. And today she decided she was gonna fallow karter around until he noticed. She would turn it into a game.

     Bailey caught up with the man when ho got into the elevator. she watched from a distance as he pushed the top floor button and the doors closed. She waited for the elevator to come back down and fallowed him up. When the elevator stoped and the doors slid open she stepped out and looked around. there only seemed to be a hallway with a door and another elevator at the other side. Bailey knew the door and pretty much the entire floor was off limits but this was a game and there where no rules in this game. She tried the door first and it was locked so the only place he could have gone was the elevator. she pushed the button and almost imidiatley to door opened and she stepped inside. There was a sign that said employees only. but this game still had no rules so she looked at the pannel where all the buttons should be but there was only one button. she pushed it and the elevator moved downward. The l.e.d. screen showed the numbers of the floors until it said lobby. she expected it to stop but it kept going. A 'B' flashed on the screen and the doors began to open. it was dark but she could hear karter's soft voice speaing with somebody else. telling them not to figet. Then asking for the band-aid. Suddenly all was quiet as the door opened all the way. The light from the door showed karter standing, looking at her. Next to him was a boy. He was about her age but his face was covered in scars with what looked like two fresh cuts painting red acroos his face. They where both looking at her with an intence look of frustration. Especialy karter but she didn't even notice the dirty looks. all she could think of was "what did I just walk into?"

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