All the boys will be 19-20 for this book Amber and Vivian Van Hetman; twin sisters but total opposites. For Amber's birthday she gets 5SOS tickets while Vivian gets a car. Their 18th b-day!!! Amber starts dating Ashton and when the boys meet Vivian they get the surprise of a life time so what will they think of her Pretty, rude, amazing, gross, or even Gorgeous


1. About the Characters

Amber: Brunette, popular, 18, huge 5SOS fan, pale skin, blue eyes

             Sweet, nice, supportive, Great sister, beautiful




Vivian: Brunette, unpopular, 18, loves cars, pale skin, hazel eyes

           Nice, sweet, great sister, works at a car store, pretty but no one notices.




Hazel: blonde super popular, 18, pale, tanish, blue eyes,


         mean, nice to  friends, works at a nail salon, dating Nathan




Violet: blonde, blue eyes, 18, pale, okay popular

         bff's with Vivian, super nice, single but guys hit  on her




Nathan: blonde, brown eyes, star soccer player, mean and nice, loves Hazel, great bf, likes Amber hates Violet,






and of course 5SOS




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