If its meant to be it will be

Chloe espinosa joined karate and mett a boy called jack brown and instanly fell in love with him but what will she do to get him to notice her... ?


1. 1

Chapter one

So class we have a new student called chloe espinosa the karate teacher said out loud my names chloe and im 17 years old i have choclate brown hair green eyes and i like that boy over there... He looked at me should i wink yeah i will. Opps that was a blink errr erm... Opps so embrassed today class we will be smaching wood with our hands which chloe u come punch this bean bag to get some strengh so the teacher just called me weak... Great. 2 hours later class finshed the boy i liked came over to me and said by the way the teacher can be a bit harsh but you will get used to it my names jack brown i know yours miss espinosa.

I laughed in my head but i think its was out loud. I walked home with him and we stood facing each over when we got to mine i finally ended the silence by saying see you next thursday because karate was on thursday he just nodded and walked away i fell for his cuteness and well everything about him it might have been love at first sight but i was only 17 that ways to young to love someone

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