Falling Hard

She never thought she would end up this way. She always thought her family loved her and cherished her existence. But she was wrong. She had to move away because of the 'baby'. And she thinks that is not at all why she is moving away. But seeing that this change has brought her closer to this guy. She enjoys it. But the problem is... she cannot fall in love.


6. The Mall

When we walk up the stairs, I open my door and shove him into my room. I close the door and he turns around and looks at me. "Nice act." he says. I frown and so does he.

"What do you mean? That wasn't an act." I say. I walk past him and get in my closet and get out some clothes for the day (

 ) with Ashton and his mother.

"I'm not stupid. I saw your hair in the frame of the door. Its kinda easy to see your beautiful colorful hair. Or honestly, I never would have noticed you, because you were so quiet." he replies. I look back at him and I roll my eyes and a tear slips down my cheek.

"It wasn't an act." I say and walk over to him and wrap my arms around his waist. "I really couldn't imagine my life without you. I would be lost without you. I love you, really." he wraps his arms around me and then kisses the top of my head. I smile and let go of him and walk over to where my clothes are laying.

"Did you hear what my mom said?" he asks and sits down at the edge of my bed. I take off my shirt and then my pants, bending over at an awkward angle so he doesn't consider it teasing him. I sigh and stand back up with only my underwear and bra on.

"Yes Ashton. I did. But you know what? We aren't going to listen to her because Its our life and we choose how we live it." I say. He smiles and then I finish taking off my clothes. I put on a different pair of underwear and a different bra. As I am going to pull up my jeans, I feel Ashton's arms wrap around my waist and I smile. I push him back with my butt and finish pulling up my pants. I grab my shirt off my bed and I put it on. I look over at Ashton who is looking at me and I sigh. So does he.

"I agree. BUT," he starts, "I also think you should stop changing in front of me. You know why? No. Well I'll tell you. Because I really like your body." he finishes. I laugh and slide on my boots and then I grab his huge hands. I pull him up and kiss his cheek, wrapping his arms around my own waist so I feel more satisfied.

"We," I say making sure that he knows I meant just me and him, "should go to the beach after the mall. Does that sound like a deal?" I say. He smiles and bites his lip. I smile back at him and peck his cheek waiting for a response.

"Sounds perfect. As long as I'm with you." he says. I nod my head and turn around with his hand still in mine. We walk out of my room and down the stairs still hand in hand. We walk into the living room and sit on the couch waiting for Anne. As we are waiting, I look at Ashton and he sits back. I lay back on his chest and close my eyes. About ten minutes later Anne walks through the living room door.

"Are you guys-" she starts and then she looks up from what she is doing and sees us on the couch. We smile and nod our heads getting up. She looks puzzled and then all she does is walk out the door. With us following behind hand in hand.

*The mall*

I look around the humongous mall and then look at Ashton and Anne. I have no idea where we are going in this place. I just smile and look over at Anne.

"Ashton and I," I say and look at Ashton with a huge smile on my face, "are going to Victoria Secret." I finish. Ashton's eyes get wide and then he starts to stutter the words, "B-b-but, s-sevent-teen. G-guy." I laugh and so does Anne. People start to look over at Ashton who is still stuttering that he is a seventeen year old guy.

"OK. You guys have fun. Especially you Ashton." she says. We start to walk in the opposite direction and then Anne stops us real fast. "Wait! Here," she quickly walks over to me and hands me five thousand dollars. I raise my eyebrows and gasp at the huge chunk on money in my hand.

"Anne, I can't take your money. I just can't do that. This is like... a lot of money." I say and try to hand it back. She pushes my hand away and laughs a little more than before. I widen my eyes and then my arms fall to my side and I just stand there in complete and utter shock. Why is she giving me this money? What did I do to deserve this? I thought she didn't even like me after what had happened today.

"Oh honey," she says with a huge smile on her face and Ashton stands there with a smirk on his face. "there is a lot more where that came from." she looks over at Ashton and he raises his eyebrows. What is going on here? "Ashton, do you have your money?" she asks with her face looking innocent. She nods and his face goes from satisfied to concerned.

"Yes mom." he replies with the shake of his head. He grabs my  hand and then he pulls me to Victoria Secret.

"Have fun kids!" Anne yells after us. I just shake my head no and keep walking.

*Victoria Secret*

When we get to Victoria Secret, I walk over to the lingerie and smile. Ashton is following after me and his face goes straight and he is scared. I giggle and pick up two different sets of lingerie. "Ashton, which one should I get?" I ask and he furrows his eyebrows with a look of disappointment and shock on his face. "You know. Because you and I are going to be the only ones seeing me in it." I add so I will get a response because obviously, I wasn't getting one before. He then smiles and takes the red lace bra and the red lace thong out of my hands and then the other yellow set and he sets the yellow set back on the table. I smile and look ay him.

"You do realize," I say as I am walking over to the bikini section, "that kind of stuff leads to sex. Right?" I finish. I pick up a blank bikini and examine it. He smiles and I look at his devilish smirk. I slap his arm and gasp with my mouth open. "Hold on to these please." I give the bikini and lingerie to Ashton and we walk around a little bit more before we pay. When we get to the register, the clerk says it is ninety-nine dollars and 96 cents. I take out my money and give the clerk a hundred dollar bill. He bags my stuff and when he is done, Ashton grabs it. I look at him like he is a madman. "Let me take that." I say and then reach over him to try to grab the bag, but I don't succeed.

"I don't think so." he says and then drags me out the store. I frown and he just smiles the whole entire walk to Hot Topic.

When we enter the store, I walk to the back and I see three Black Veil Brides shirts with Andy Beirsack on them and I almost faint. Ashton looks at me as if I am a maniac and I guess you can say I am when it comes to BVB.

"Are you alright Janice?" he asks and rubs my back. I nod my head and swallow. I look up at him and then smile like I am innocent. I then look back at the shirts and grab all three of them. He smiles and chuckles a little bit. He bites his lip and looks at the ground. I kiss his cheek and walk past him to another rack with Shawn Mendes on it. I smile and grab that off the rack to. Ashton looks at me from about ten feet away and then he calls my name for me to come over to him.

"Yes?" I say when I am over to him. He gives me a pair of red skinny jeans and I smile. "Why do I need these?" I ask. He smiles and points to one of my BVB shirts.

"It will go good with that shirt." he says. I smile and kiss his cheek. He pecks my lips in return and we walk over to the cash register so I don't spend thousands just at this one store.

I put my clothes and some other stuff on the counter and as the clerk in ringing them up, he tries to make small talk with us.

"Your a big BVB fan, aren't you?" the clerk says more than asks. Although he tries to make it sound like he is asking. I notice that he has a pink Mohawk and I nod my head. Being a nice costumer.

"I love BVB. They are just so great and talented. Honestly, I haven't found anyone better yet." I say. He smiles and then bags my clothes.

"Me too. I think Andy is sexy. He is my favorite. But, why is he holding a Victoria Secret bag?" he says and then asks. I look at Ashton's hands and he is looking at some band bracelets. I look back at the clerk and I see that he is eyeing him.

"He's holding them for me. I told him not to but he didn't listen. He's my boyfriend, I love him so much." I say. He looks back at me and I look at Ashton. He looked up and is now smiling at me.

"I love you too" Ashton replies. I smile.

"That's too bad. He's really cute. If you guys ever break up, have him call me." he smiles. I stand there in shock and grab my bags off of the counter. I take Ashton's hand in mine and then walk out of the store. I look at him and frown.

"Babe, you would never turn gay. Would you?" I ask Ashton stopping in the middle of the mall. I look him in his eyes and he laughs.

"No, of course not. Why?" he replies and then sees the frown on my face. He frowns and raises his eyebrows.

"Just asking." I respond and grab his hand. We keep walking and shop a little more. When we are done going to a few more stores, I ask Ashton if we can go home and relax a bit.

We go home.

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