Falling Hard

She never thought she would end up this way. She always thought her family loved her and cherished her existence. But she was wrong. She had to move away because of the 'baby'. And she thinks that is not at all why she is moving away. But seeing that this change has brought her closer to this guy. She enjoys it. But the problem is... she cannot fall in love.


5. Seriously?

When I'm done getting dressed, I put a little makeup on. I am wearing a red dress with silver stripes and a silver belt. When I'm done I go downstairs and all of the boys are gone, except for Ashton. Of course he isn't because he is the one who lives here. I look at the seat and sigh. I sit down and get out my phone and I start going through my recent messages. I have got four from Jake (figures), three from Johanna (seems legit), and one from Kylie(normal). I go to answer them, but one specific one from Jake gets my full attention.

Hey beautiful. What are you up to? I miss you so much. I love you and I wish I would have told you how I felt before you left. It was stupid of me not to. But... will you be my girl?

My face suddenly goes to shocked from tired. I really can't believe this. Jake is the hottest, most popular kid in school. But I love Ashton. Jake could never make me feel the way Ashton does. Ashton just gives me the feeling that no one else has. I sigh and Ashton looks over at me with concern filling his eyes.

"Are you alright?" he asks and lifts his eyebrows in a weird manor.

"I'm fine, can you give me directions to the mall?" I ask pretending that I didn't just read that text. I glance at my phone and then look back at Ashton and smile a fake smile.

"You don't have a car though. You need a car to go to the mall." he replies.

"I guess I'll walk and I might as well find it myself too." I get up and walk into the entry way. I grab my jacket off the hook and I open the door and hop down the stairs. Ashton comes following after me and I roll my eyes, annoyed as hell.

"Janice stop!" he yells and grabs my arm. I turn around and look him in his eyes. The pain and everything that I feel starts to pour out. Unfortunately.

"Why Ashton!? I have nothing here for me! I could have a boyfriend who loves me for me and I could have my car and my friends. I could have my brother. But no, all I have is you. And I'm starting to think that you might just be a little to bad for me." I start to cry and I look down and wipe my eyes. I look away and I bite my lip. I turn around and start to run. I stumble on the sidewalk a couple of times and then I stumble for the last time and fall. I hear faint footsteps running after me and they near closer and then I feel arms pick me up. I'm being carried away.

*Two hours later*

I wake up to two different people screaming. I'm in my bed, so that is a very good sign. I sit up on my elbows and rub my tired eyes. I get out of the bed and I see that I'm in somebody else's pajamas. I sigh and shake my head, but I decide to just keep them on. I walk out of my room and hear that Ashton and his mother are the ones arguing. I walk down the stairs silently. Being me, I decide to do what I used to do back home, and eavesdrop. Because I'm just that awesome.

"She is 15 Ashton, you are not dating her!" I hear Anne say. "I understand she is the most beautiful girl you have ever laid eyes on, but you have to get over her! You cannot have her!!! Let Michael have her!!! You take all of the girls from them boys!" she yells and I am completely shocked at what I hear. So I smile and furrow my eyebrows think of doing something stupid.

"Mom, I love her. My heart will stop if I can't have her. Besides, I don't take them all. I haven't dated one person Michael likes. I haven't dated anyone, and the age difference is only two years, barely. It shouldn't matter if we date or not." Ashton says, surprisingly calm. I know that I wouldn't have been that calm if my parents said that to me.

"Like I said, you're not dating her." she says and then the conversation ends. I roll my eyes and pretend to be coming down the stairs. I make some noises and then come around the corner and walk over to Ashton.

"Hey babe." I say to Ashton and I kiss his perfect lips. My first kiss... from a real guy. I wrap my arms around his neck and run my hands through his perfect, soft hair. He kisses back and puts his hands on my waist bringing me closer to him. I smile and so does he. About a minute later, I pull away and look into his eyes. "I couldn't imagine my life without you." I smile wide and turn around to look at Anne, "Hey." I say. She stands there in utter shock with her mouth open and her eyes are wide.

"Um.. uh... hey," she says. I smile at her and then look back down at Ashton. I sit on his lap and kiss his nose. He smiles and grips my side. I bite my lip and scoot off of his lap a little. He chuckles.

"So... How has your day been going so far?" I ask Anne, trying to make small talk. She smiles and nods her head.

"Actually, I was just talking to Ashton about what I have planned for today before Lauren and Harry come home. We're going to go to the mall and then to go see a movie." she says. I have heard about Lauren and Harry, but never met them. I guess I will soon.

"Perfect." I smile and stand up. I grab Ashton's hands and drag him up. He smiles and I kiss his cheek and pull him through the kitchen doorway and up the stairs to my room. Just to talk.

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