Falling Hard

She never thought she would end up this way. She always thought her family loved her and cherished her existence. But she was wrong. She had to move away because of the 'baby'. And she thinks that is not at all why she is moving away. But seeing that this change has brought her closer to this guy. She enjoys it. But the problem is... she cannot fall in love.


3. Cuddle Buddy

*Ashton's POV*

I wake up at three in the morning to a very light screaming. Well, it wasn't as light as other people would expect it to be. But it was light to me. I lift my head up and look around the room. I see the other boys on the floor sleeping on one another and I smile. I get up from my position on the bed and tiptoe across the room, sure to be as quiet as I possibly can. I open the door and look into the hall to make sure my mom isn't roaming around. When I see there is no one there, I enter the hallway. I look at Janice's door and see it closed, but I hear noises coming from within the room. I raise my eyebrows very concerned and I rest my hand on the doorknob. When I hear my name come from in the room I snicker and open the door just a little bit. And then I hear the rest of what she is saying. She must be having a nightmare. "I need you. I can't live without you Ashton. Please don't leave. NO!" I hear her say. She suddenly wakes up and starts to freak out. She is shivering and her teeth are grinding together as if they are grinding pepper. When she notice me, her eyes widen and she quickly pulls the covers over her head. I cant help but wonder what her dream was about. I walk over to her bed and stand there for just a second. When I see her jump under the blanket I sit down and take her into my arms. I hug her side and lay her covered up head on my shoulder.

"Janice are you alright?" I ask. I bite my lip lightly waiting for a response. She just sniffles a little bit and uncovers her face. She looks at me and shakes her head looking back down. I lay my head on top of hers and sit there.

*Janice's POV*

All I remember was seeing Ashton get shot. It broke me inside and triggered the tears that are now streaming down my face. If only I could hold them in. But no. I have to be sensitive and shit. I look back down and Ashton lays his head on mine and we sit there for a couple minutes. When he lifts his head up from mine, I decide to answer his question. Only because I don't want him to leave though.

"Yeah, I just had a nightmare." I say, hoping he would stay and comfort me. He looks down at me and frowns.

"Oh. I'm sorry baby. Do you think you can go back to sleep or do you want to stay up?" he asks showing more concern than sounding it. I look down and sit up.

"Yeah. I can try and go back to sleep." I reply and look at the closet. I wipe my face with the hem of my sleeve and look back to Ashton. He stands up and looks down at me once more. As he starts to walk towards the door, I stop him, "But Ashton..." I add. He stops with his hand on the door handle and looks back at me.

"Yeah?" he asks. I lick my lip and look down again.

"Do you think maybe you can you lay down with me?" I say. "Just till I fall asleep." I quickly add, to make it not sound like I'm desperate. But he just smiles which doesn't make me as nervous.

"Yeah," he says, "I'll sleep with you for the rest of the night. Only if you want me to though.." he walks back over to the bed and I scoot over to make enough room for him. He lays down next to me and I smile.

I giggle a little bit, "I'd like that." I say and then he smiles and I can feel it getting hot in the room. He puts his head slightly on my shoulder and I shiver with warmth. Enjoying every minute I have with him. I can feel his warm breath press against my shoulder blades, making my heart beat so fast. He slides under the blanket and wraps his arms around my waist. The I remember I only have a shirt and underwear on.

"Ashton...?" I say quietly. He sighs and looks at me with his amazing eyes.

"Yes?" he replies. I make a face and I can feel his body tense up.

"I'm... only wearing a shirt and underwear." I say. He smiles and bites his lip and smirks.

"I only have boxers on. So we are even." he says. That is my I can feel his body temperature so well against mine. Its contact with the skin. But knowing me and who I am, I just laugh. He chuckles and he starts to kiss my neck. When he gets close to my soft spot, my body starts to tense and I moan slightly. 'Damn, he knows that he turns me on.' But as he reaches near it, I just laugh.

"Your laugh is cute." he says to me then holds me tighter. I lay my head on his chest and my hands on his stomach. I sit there for a minute and then I look up at him. He looks down at me and smiles a weak smile.

"Ashton." I whisper.

"Yes?" he says questioningly. It is so cute how he says it. I smirk and continue on with what I was saying.

"Would it be weird if I asked you to be my cuddle buddy?" I ask. Ashton smiles and laughs a little bit. I knew this would ruin everything with my stupid self. Why did I have to ask him such a stupid question? "I knew it." I say. "I'm so stupid. I'm sorry Ashton. I'll just go sleep on the couch." I finish and I try to get up off of the bed, but he won't let me go. He holds me down and close to him. "Let. Me. Go." I say, struggling to get away from his grip. This is just so embarrassing.'

"Janice no," he starts, "that wasn't a weird question. Plus you're NOT stupid, don't let me ever hear you say anything negative about yourself. You are a beautiful and smart person. Please never think anything different. Janice, I will always be here for you. To comfort you, and to help you through anything you may ever need help with. Janice..." he stops for a split second and bites his lip. He looks down and his hands. He then looks back up and looks me in the eyes. ":I know we just met but I love you. I love how you laugh, and your smile. The way you look at me, and the way you make me feel when you're talking to me. Fuck it. I don't love you. I'm in love with you." he says. "I hope you feel the same way." When he is done talking I look over at the door and think about what he said. He sounded like he really meant it. I sigh and look at him.

"I love you too."

*Ashton's POV*

I told her how I felt. And the best part was that she said it back. I know I shouldn't be in love with her already, but I am. I would do anything for her and to keep her forever and ever. She buries her head in my chest and I wrap my arms around her. I look at her, lean down, and look into her sparkling crystal blue eyes. I lean down farther and glance at her perfectly plump lips. Which are a perfect shade of red. I see her glance at mine. I smile and smash my lips into hers.

*Janice's POV"

I remember him looking at my shaking nervous lips, and then his smash into mine. But so passionately and lightly as if he knew what to do at exactly the right moment. I kiss back and I can feel him smile. At this very moment I know I need him.

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