Do you know how people say your life flashes in front of your eyes when you are about to die. They are not lying. It is almost incredible how fast it happens. Anyway so I'm sure you're wondering how I almost died. Well lets just put it this way, Its complicated.


3. Chapter 3

I walk quickly down the hallway with my head down to avoid all of the stares, to my first class, english. Mrs. Nixon is standing at the doorway handing back our last writing assignments. I’m sure I did good on it because it was creative writing.

    “Great job Ms. Dolan, highest grade out of all the freshmen” She hands me my paper. On top there is 100 scribbled in red ink.  

I go to take my seat, but, I find a guy sitting on my desk. He has short spiky brown hair and a cute face, he was wearing a varsity football jacket and jeans. I have seen him around but I never really bothered to find out who he is.

“Nice job nerd. Now tell me the truth how did you get an 100. Did you suck up to her, or was it something else.” He asks me with a smirk on his face

“Just leave me alone,” I mumble under my breath.

“What was that I can’t hear you,” he replies still smirking.

“I said LEAVE ME ALONE.” My hands were balling into fists out of anger.  The desk suddenly jerked right, making me jump back with fright. He falls off onto the floor screeching like he saw a ghost. At that moment Mrs. Nixon walks into the the class and looks in our direction.

“Eric get off the floor, we are not animals,” she says loudly across the room. The class begins to laugh and even though I’m completely freaked out about the desk moving, a little smile appears on my face. Eric gets up, rubbing his head. Scowling, he walks to his desk. I catch a glimpse of his paper, 56. My smile gets wider. I sit, move the desk over, and shove my stuff in.

Mrs. Nixon walks in the classroom and begins to speak, “Now class I have returned your creative writing assignments. I want you all to give Katherine a round of applause for being the only one in the grade that got an 100.” A few people clap, Eric just scowls deeper. I blush, knowing the last thing I need today is attention, but it feels good.

“Today you will be able to fix your writing and rehand it in for a better grade. Everybody can make corrections or add more.” I look at my writing. As soon as my pencil hits the paper my story comes to life.

*   *   *

    I head to the lunch room at 5th period still keeping my head down. when I get to the cafeteria Sarah was sitting down with her face in a book as usual. I expect it is a horror novel considering that is all she reads.

    “So whats up?” I question.

    She looks up. “Oh...Hey” she turns around to the lunch bag she brought and pulls out a chocolate cupcake with purple frosting. “This is for you!” she says with a big smile.

     “Thanks a bunch. Anyway so about my eyes”

    “They’re still purple, if thats what wondering.”

    “Something weird happened in English today.” I said slowly as if I was still trying to understand it myself.  

    “WHAT happened,” she asked quickly, frowning slightly.

“Well…” I recounted the events of english. I was a bit surprised when her look of bewilderment turned into a smile.

    “Thats wicked!!” she says excitedly

    “How is that wicked? The desk moved by itself!” I said practically shouting! “Anyway what do you think did it?”

    “It was probably a ghost.” She said with full seriousness. “Did you see any shadowy figures in the room?”

    “No! It wasn’t a ghost.” My temper rising now. “they don’t even exist”

“You don’t know that!” she snaps

“Just SHUTUP,” I groan. I put my head down and breath for a little while.

Sarah looks at me for a second. ”You okay?” she asks quietly. I can tell I hurt her. I look up at the wall in front of the table.

“No...I don’t know.”

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