Do you know how people say your life flashes in front of your eyes when you are about to die. They are not lying. It is almost incredible how fast it happens. Anyway so I'm sure you're wondering how I almost died. Well lets just put it this way, Its complicated.


2. Chapter 2

The bus arrives at the front of Kennedy High. Students in front of me file off all glancing in my direction. I get up last and follow the crowd into the rowdy school. The second I walk in people stare. I am used to being the odd one, but never like this. My cheeks flush with anger as I walk down the corridor. What kind of sick prank is this. I turn the corner and spot my friend Sarah. She is literally the only one I didn't scare away when I moved here.

"Hey Kat" she yells to me. I walk over and open my locker with some struggle. I turn to her and she looks at my eyes, bewildered.

"Did you by any chance get new contacts last night for your birthday?"

"What? No. I don’t even need glasses"

“I mean the colored ones”


"Well your eyes are purple", she says with a straight face.

"What are you talking about? They're blue, they have always been blue." I can't tell if I'm denying this like its bad thing or if i’m just confused.

"They are definitely purple. Let me take a picture, i'll show you." She pulls out her phone. I notice she drew a new picture on her case, It looks like a rune. I’m not even sure how I know that.

"Hold still". she brings the phone to my eye and hits the button with her thumb, I hear a small click signalling the picture is over.

"Look, I'm not kidding." She hands me the phone and I stare at the picture . I see a jet black pupil with a ring of purple fire around it.

“How is that possible?” I question. Before she can answer the class bell sounds three times.

"I'll talk to you at lunch, Sarah." I grab my books and slam my locker

"Okay, and happy birthday!"

"Thanks," I say walking away.

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