Do you know how people say your life flashes in front of your eyes when you are about to die. They are not lying. It is almost incredible how fast it happens. Anyway so I'm sure you're wondering how I almost died. Well lets just put it this way, Its complicated.


1. Chapter 1

BEEP! BEEP! I hit the alarm with a groan. Its time to wake up, but my body is still asleep. I kick off the covers and slowly get up. I look out the window and see the sun reaching over the mountains beyond the town. I turn and head to the shower wishing that sleep would shed my skin and anticipating the warmth of the water.

I close the door, turn on the water, undress, and step in. The water is warm but it doesn't feel right on my skin. I look at my arm and see the sign. It has been there as long as I remember. It is a circle with many small symbols inside I feel like it has a meaning but I don't know. At school  I just pass it off as a tattoo but I still get odd questions about it. I finish washing up and turn off the knob.

I look in the mirror and see my reflection with big blue eyes staring back, a person I have never fully understood. I brush out my hair. The blond strands reach past the small of my back. I put in a side braid in, that hangs over my shoulder. I walk to my room and rummage through my closet its messy but it seems it is always like that. I put on a blue shirt and, a short purple skirt. I walk to the kitchen where I meet my  family's smiles and hugs.

"Happy birthday, sweet heart", my mom shouts as she runs over and kisses me on the cheek.


“Gross,” I whine. "We made you a special breakfast considering you turn 15 in about 25 minutes".

" Thanks Mom,” I say sitting down. She places the plate on the table. It holds four large pancakes doused in syrup with a single candle on top. I blow it out and dig in. I check the clock, 6:46, seven minutes till the bus comes and five minutes until I'm 15.

"Bye Mom," I yell walking out of the door.  I walk around the block to the bus stop, it takes four minutes. No one is there yet. About a minute later my neighbor, Joe, arrives. He looks at me like I'm different . I turn away so he stops staring. after a minute or two he looks away, but I still feel funny, like there's something wrong with me.

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