Alphonse Elric x Reader ~Birthday Boy~

It's Al's birthday, and you have a great BDay gift for him!♥




1. Oneshot♥

Type: Romance, LEMON/Smut


Pairing: Alphonse Elric x Reader


Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist; Brotherhood


[Narrator's P.O.V]




It was Al's birthday, and you wanted to get him something so special, that he'd never want anything else. You thought and thought, and got an idea.

Throughout the day, you still asked him what he wanted for his birthday, but he wouldn't give you any other ideas. You kept yours, but still wanted to ask.

You and Al have been together for so long, it was unreal. About half way throughout his and Ed's journey to find the philosopher stone, or a way to get their bodies back, Al asked you to be his, and of course, you said yes. So about 6-7 years you two have been in love with one another, and you enjoyed every moment.

It was dinner time, and you made him a special meal, as always for his birthday. You both chit-chatted, and laughed as well. He honestly loved every single moment you two shared, and he wanted more!

"Thanks again for this special day, __(Nickname)__!" You giggled.

"I hope it isn't too special, because there's still your present!" You winked at him, and took both plates and brought them to the sink. He was confused, he didn't ask for anything though! But he couldn't wait to see what you had planned.

It struck 10:30pm, and you were going to begin with your present. You got up off the couch, and went into the bedroom. Al assumed you were getting his gift, so he sat and waited, smiling.

"Oh Al!~" You sang. He jerked his head towards the bedroom, and smiled.


"Come here!~ I have your present!~" he chuckled and got off the couch, and walked up to the bedroom door, and opened it slightly. Once he opened it, he widened his eyes.

"__(First-(Name)__?!" You turned ever so slightly, and winked at him.

You were wearing the sexiest lacy pyjama there was. It revealed your stomach, and most of your thighs. To add, it was black.

You pointed your finger to where you were, and he slowly walked in, feeling himself heat up, and heat up; down there! You giggled and grabbed a hold of his collar, bringing him close, biting your lip. You pulled yourself closer to him, and felt something hard down there! He felt embarrassed, he had been with you for so many years, yet he's so turned on at this point.

You kissed his lips passionately, while dragging your arms around his neck. He kissed you back with just as much force, turned his head a bit to get more of you. He dragged his arms around your waist, and got a hold of your hips, pulling you closer.

"Mmm!~" you moaned, feeling him get harder. You enjoyed this state just as much as he did. You broke the kiss just to take off his shirt, revealing his muscular stomach. You traced your fingers down his stomach, kissing him again, but used your hands to undo his belt- and pants. You were having trouble, he smiled in the kiss, and helped you out. He was getting the idea that this was his present.

Once his pants were off, you sort of brought him to the bed, and lied him down. You got on top of him, and kissed down his jaw, to his neck, and started to nibble.

"Mmm~ __(First Name)__!" He flushed. You moved down his neck, to his nipples. They were hard as a rock, and you took one in your mouth, then played with the other one. He was moaning, getting harder and harder by the minute. By the time he was straight up, you were already down there, taking off his boxers. You went in between his legs, kneeled on the floor, and grabbed a hold of his hard member.

"Uhh!~" he moaned and sat up, and as you started to suck on him, he grabbed a hold of your head, striking your beautiful hair. You smiled, then went back to suck on him, and you teased him. You would lick, bite, and suck. He was about to cum, but you denied it.

"W-What?" He was confused, and pouted.

"I want you to cum inside me!" You whispered in his ear, licking his earlobe. He practically came when you said this, but yet again, you stopped it. He got why you were saying, and flipped you two over, so you were at the head of the bed, and he was on top of you. You chucked, and kissed him again. He went in between your legs, ripped his boxers off, and practically ripped off your lingerie.


"I'll buy you a new one!" He smiled and kissed down your neck, and hit your sweet spot!

"Mmm!~" You moaned furiously. He chuckled, and kissed you again.

"Ready!?" You nodded and smiled. He smiled as well, and positioned himself at your entrance. You were a bit nervous, only because it was your first time, not because of the man getting rid of your Virginity.

He pushed in slowly, knowing you're a Virgin, and stopped once he was fully inside of you. You, on the other hand, was on the verge to tears, but once he stopped, you calmed down. He kissed away your tears, and told you beautiful things. He also told you to relax, and it won't hurt no more. You believed him, so you relaxed your body, and surprisingly, it did work. It felt much better now, and you told him he could go. He obeyed and started pumping.

"Mmm!!!!~" You both moaned, feeling each other's love in the air. He started going faster and faster, deeper and deeper! You were a moaning mess, and he was too. He kissed your lips again, and rode you- hard!

You were on the verge to your climax, and he was too. He gave a few more pumps, then you bucked your hips, and orgasmed. He gave himself a few more pumps, than orgasmed as well. He slowly slid out of you, and lied down beside you. He put his arms around your waist, and nuzzled up to your neck.

"Best. Present. Ever!" You chuckled, catching your breath, and kissing you lover's forehead. He pulled the covers over the two of you, and closed his eyes, and you did too.

"Good night, __(Nickname)__!"

"Good night, birthday boy!" And the two of you fell asleep, in one other's arms.


The End!


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