This story is a follow on from the JR Ward the black dagger brotherhood series


5. chapter 5

~~“WOW I’m beat bro “ young Wrath said to Dharkness  gasping for breath  “ I know hell of a training session ,they are going to kill us” Dharkness said barely a whisper. That’s all the energy he had enough for now was to whisper.  “ hey boy’s “ Dharkness’s head shot up quickly . Ahngel Quinn and Layla’s daughter stood before them offering them cold water. Dharkness went completely hard, placing the towel he was wiping his head with swiftly on his lap so she wouldn’t notice. The smell of delicious fruit invading his nostrils, Wrath gave him a slight look eyeing him suspiciously. “ how are you two feeling? You two look great, and pretty nifty there fighting against the brother’s “ thank’s Ahngel ,they are working us hard though . “ Wrath breathed wiping the sweat from his brow.

“Come on now boy’s back to it” called Zsadist his energy was never faltering!  “ lesser’s ain’t going to wait for you to catch your breath you know ! Chop chop …” he pinned us with his stare. Ahngel smiled  “ see you boy’s later…goodluck” laughing walking off..  “No rest for the wicked “Dharkness called after giving her a little wink and flashing his dazzling smile. “ Dhark you have a thing for Ahngel …don’t you?” Wrath pinned him with his gaze. Dhark raised his eyebrow’s about to speak when Z took them from behind gliding his foot with one swift movement under their legs knocking them both flat to the floor and perched himself on top of them….” you see boy’s …lesson 1 never let your guard down, now get your fucking arse’s back too it   “ the brother’s stood around laughing as Wrath and Dhark jumped to their feet poising their new warrior bodies .

Finally two hours later the brothers were done with us, “ you coming Wrath?” Dhark asked . “ actually Dhark I’ll catch you up I need to speak to Z “ Dhark looked confussed after Z had just practically tortured them for hours. “ ok come find me when your done”  he said stalking off towards the showers. Z sat on the bench drinking his water looking deep in thought. “ sorry to bother you Z ….is there any chance I can have a quick word?” Z didn’t speak but gestured for him to sit.

“ I… want to thank you for letting Nalla feed me…” panic setting in..oh well I’ve started now I’ll have to finish… swallowing hard…” I know that can’t have been easy for you but thank you ….” Z turned his head to look at me ,my heart stopped beating in my chest .” you know Wrath get your head in the game and you’ll be quite the warrior ,your skills  are quite impressive done well “ them words meant a lot coming from Z .i offered him a tight smile. “ Z with your permission and your permission only would it be ok with you …shit..if…i..take Nalla on a date ,dinner ,movie or something ?” Z’s eye’s grew wide. But then the tension left his body and he blew out a breath …he looked like he was having some kind of internal battle with himself. “ what did Nalla say? You have asked Nalla right? Z asked. “ yes she said if it was ok with you she would accept”

“then it’s fine with me “ he replied taking me totally by surprise. “ but you hurt my Nalla ,Wrath I will kill you, the kings son or not ,do you feel me?” Z warned.

“Z my intensions are totally honourable ,I’ve admired her from a far as a small young ,waiting for the day when I was worthy of such a female ,I would never hurt her I would die before I let anything or anyone hurt my Nalla….i mean your Nalla …” Wrath choked on his own words ,knowing Z’s mood could change at any moment if he said the wrong thing, Z was known all to well for it.  “ you would look after her Wrath? Like I would? “ Z asked with such sadness in his voice. “ I would use every last breath I have to look after Nalla, you’re her father and a damn good father, I can only try to look after her as well as you would but I would give her everything I’ve got “  he tried to convince him.

“then go get my daughter,…….Wrath…look after her” Z said now firmly clearing his throat as he did so. Tears threatening.

On queue father came through the double doors with George. Walking towards us….”how was training son? Wrath spoke….young Wrath opened his mouth to speak but Z spoke first. “ he done great Wrath…..he’s a hell of a warrior  and a hell of a man too ….you should be proud “  “ have I missed something ?” Wrath asked. “ he came to me and asked my permission to date my Nalla and quite frankly I would be honoured for her to date such a male “ Wrath chest burst with pride ,he had just shown the biggest mark of respect to thy brother by asking his permission to date his daughter .Wraths smiled spread across his face as he embraced his son  “ you done well son ,I couldn’t be prouder of the male you’ve become “

Total excitement filled young Wrath he had permission ,he had to find his Nalla……he ran to the double doors turning back to Z and his father shouting  “ I’ve got to get to my Nalla” with total excitement in his voice .The two huge  males wrapped a arm around each other and bolted into laughter .

“my Nalla is going to be ok “ Z said smiling .

Running as fast as I could down the hallways and stairs I had to find Nalla ….My Nalla and then there she was coming from her room closing the door behind her .Her long chestnut hair falling down her back, glistening like diamonds ,she was wearing her working out clothes ,black yoga pants and a pink belly top ,as she looked up I was right infront of her taking her by surprise swooping her up bringing her lips to my lips ,she wrapped her arms around my neck returning my kiss MINE! Run through my head .Breaking the kiss off she just lay in my arms ,lips still pouted her eyes shut ….looking down at her beautiful face, I don’t even think she realized I’d pulled away . “ Nalla “ I whispered. She slowly opened her eyes ,alarm setting in…. “ Father!!” she said…the thought of what her father would do haunted her beautiful face  “ shush “ I calmed her as I stroked her cheek . “ it’s ok….Z has gave us his blessing” I told her .she struggled from my hold and placed herself in front of me checking all around me for wounds. “he didn’t attack me “ I couldn’t help joke flattered with her concern, but she looked genuinely petrified. Her face softened. “ what happened ?” she stuttered ,looking at me like I was a alien “I asked him ,he said yeah… was that simple “ her smile spread across her face , “kiss me ….please Wrath just kiss me “ she urged him seductively ,and so he did.

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