This story is a follow on from the JR Ward the black dagger brotherhood series


4. chapter 4

~~I’m exhausted ,Nalla thought to herself Wrath was resting and she was grateful it had been a long 2 days and Queen Beth had just left us to go fetch food …MMMM I can’t wait ,I never imagined seeing someone through their transition would be so exhausting. Shit!!….Wraths arms began swinging …please no I hope he doesn’t need to feed again …I stroked his head hoping to will him back to sleep …yes it’s working ..thank the scribe virgin.! Although as exhausting as it has been seeing to him, it’s been my pleasure …a real pleasure ,he’s transitioned into quite the male as big, if not bigger than the blind king, to be honest he’s always been quite the male anyway, I felt a flush across my cheeks ,moving my eyes from his face down….. down his huge newly transitioned body. My eye’s paused to the lil tent formed between his legs for the love of the scribe virgin that thing was huge. “  you enjoying the view there …Nalla??” young Wraths voice rang in her ears. My head shot round to meet his eyes, the biggest smirk on his face, greeting me  . God damnit can I not get away with anything! I turned the colour of a cherry tomato. But let out a giggle .I mean what else could I do. “ well isn’t that the sweetest sound in the world “ Wrath smiled. “ your huge “ I said. Did I really just say that?? I thought …feeling myself blush. Wrath laughed, looking down at his erection under the blanket. “ why thank you Nalla ,so nice of you to notice “ he teased. “ not what I ment Wrath” I pulled my tongue at him. “I think your bigger than your father you know ? “ “really ?” Wrath asked .lifting up the blanket and looking himself up and down. “ I’m happy…very happy “ he smirked as he looked at his cock stood on end I  could only presume ,because I couldn’t sure as hell miss it popping through the sheet. “ Nalla ?” Wraths voice low…sexy as hell! What the hell ….what is with me  Nalla thought before replying …but she could feel herself flushing from head to toe to places she’d never felt thing’s before,she could feel his desire building in him as her blood run through his veins .   “ yeah”  “ can I be totally honest with you ?”  Wrath said. “ I’d expect nothing less Wrath go on….” She urged him but kind of mocking him. He smiled. She had that effect on him without her even knowing it, she always had. “I’ve waited for this day for a long time ,for my change ….i always hoped you would be the one to see me through it and for that I thank you ….If  brother Z agree’s would you let me take you out ? of course I’m going to ask his permission 1st because I like my newly huge dick and don’t want to risk it been chopped off ..” he laughed ..” “ but also because you female deserve the best and I’d really like a chance to be the one to give it to you to treat you how a female of worth should be treated “ he smiled ….a panty dropping smile . “ well ask daddy see what he say’s “ she smiled. As he looked at her with a shimmer in his eye’s “ if he agree’s how can I refuse such a gesture “ she nudged him .Her slightest lil touch resounded in him, his cock twitched like a volcanic eruption was about to erupt at any time,about to explode and over flow …he growled! “ gee female…I’m a newly transitioned male here, hard and horny, I’m trying to honour brother Z by not pouncing on his so so beautiful daughter” …he added “ but if you touch me again I’m not sure if I’ll be able to resist the urge to mount you and make you mine….” His voice dropped to a whisper ,a sexy as hell whisper “ because female….that is what you are …you are mine!! “ his word’s echoing in my head…HIS?? Heat radiating from my body …wetness rushing through me to inbetween my legs…I closed my legs tight and tried to breath…..HIS? that felt right oh I wanted to be!!! HIS YES HIS!!! His eyes locked with mine intensity growing in the two of us …………


 “oops”  Beth giggled walking into the door frame.

“ Wrath…oh my baby boy …your awake!!” she rushed to her son, placing the tray down on the table at the side of him.

“MAYHEM  !! ….im not a baby …I mean have you seen this body” he posed …me and Beth both laughed.

“your so vain Wrath “ Beth mocked him.

“ well what’s not to love mayhem  “ he winked admiring himself. she slapped his arm playfully.

“I must go get your father, he’s been worried …wait until he see’s you! “ she said with such pride

“I’ll be right back “ Beth went off to fetch Wrath.

Wrath reached out his hand to hold mine, clasping  it and bringing it to his mouth to plant a sweet kiss on it, his eyes not leaving mine .” Nalla I’ll speak to Z ,then come find you ok ? “ “ ok was all I could cluster together with my quivering voice .

King Wrath burst through the door with Beth by his side guiding him to his son. He run his hand’s over him to get the jest of how big he was.

“WOW son your big “

“tell me something I don’t know  “ he laughed .

“that’s my boy “ Wrath laughed along. He looked seemingly straight into my eye’s although he was now completely blind, it felt like he was almost seeing right through to my soul. He smile spread across his Face as big as I’ve ever seen, young Wrath definatley got that from his father. “ you Nalla are one fine female….thank you so much for looking after my boy “ he said sincerely.

“It’s my pleasure ….KING” Nalla smiled. “If you don’t mind excusing me I’m going to go lie down…your son is damn greedy and my head is spinning with having to listen to him admiring himself since he awoke “ she joked . They all laughed.

“Nalla ….i’ll come find you when it’s done” young Wrath called after her.

She blushed and walked away.

 Rushing out not looking where she was going trying to make sense of what happened in there!!  Nalla threw herself into something hard, bouncing back off it and hitting the floor .She felt a hand pulling her up …looking up “Dhark…. Dharkness is that you “ she asked in utter disbelief. Before her a huge blonde haired, blue eyed utterly beautiful male stood …”wow” she muttered. He grinned. “ “looking good “ she whistled her approval. He was happy to play along twirling around posing like a complete and utter nutter…..which he was. “how was it Nalla ? did you?… know with Wrath?” he grimaced with a wicked gleam in his eye’s! he was the absolute double of his father. “ don’t be daft…Dhark….hang on…did you with the chosen? “ she thought by his smirk he must have. “ well??” I pushed for an answer. “ a gentleman never tells dear Nalla “ he mocked as he took a little bow…” oh your too much Dharkness!! “ I said shaking my head. “ There you are !” Rhage’s voice said towering behind his newly transitioned son, resting his huge palm on his son’s shoulder.” “ bragging about how you didn’t get any son mine “ Rhage laughed. “FATHER!! “ Dharkness protested. “ come on now move along let poor Nalla go rest, and you son “ he said rustling his huge hand through his son’s hair “ can get your backside to the training center while daddy dearest show’s you how it’s done …there’s no time like the present… “ he ushered his son forward. Dharkness was big but not quite as big as his father .Dharkness looked at me as if to say do you see what I have to put up with. It was touching to see them together ,two peas in a pod!

Stepping in my room and closing the door slowly ,it felt like I haven’t been in my room for years I thought eyeing my bed! Oh I missed my bed ….running for it I couldn’t wait to sleep…I lay on my back stirring at the ceiling  contemplating the last few days, the feelings young Wrath stirred inside of me. Seeing his eye’s boring into me ..wanton for me, needing me …. A kind of mist drifted over me …my eye’s failing, tiredness over taking me ……..delicious memories ……his smile…his smile just for me……



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