This story is a follow on from the JR Ward the black dagger brotherhood series


3. chapter 3




Sundays were my favourite day of the week we would all get together religiously, my brothers and the shellan’s and all our young. Of course there’s my beautiful Beth and our two boy’s little wrath, who’s close to his transition and little Darius, who we named after Beth’s dear father, Wrath let out a sigh,…. I wish he was here……he thought to himself, then there’s Zsadist and Bella and the beautiful princess Nalla ,who I’m quite sure little Wrath has got a thing for, to be expected  I suppose she’s a true beauty and a tough cookie too, and then there’s little Marcellus ,he’s his father’s son alright a true little warrior and so strong ,with lightening fast speed ,you should try catch the little sucker ,near impossible ,though it’s years before his transition. Then there’s Phury and Cormia and their 3 boy’s Ahgony ll ,who’s transition is also near and the twins Thornado ,who’s name doesn’t betray him he messes up the mansion pretty bad when he’s here like a tornado’s hit it, the young has some energy and then there’s Dhestruction, he’s the same as his twin brother, leaves destruction where ever he goes, they sure keep Phury and Cormia busy that’s for sure  and there’s Quinn and Blay with Ahngel who’s name suit’s her down to the ground ,she too is due to transition soon .Then there’s John and Xhex’s daughter Xena who is near transition, this girl was a warrior ,the boy’s in the house didn’t dare to cross her, and their son Fierce who is exactly that fierce! Then there’s Rhage and Mary’s son, whom Rhage fathered with a chosen …god that was hell on earth….. he hated it but his shellan was desperate for a young and he loved his shellan he would do anything to keep her happy and they both sure did love Dharkness who was also pre-trans.And then their’s Payne and Manny’s miracle baby who’s the baby of our now extended family baby Phear who was just 4 months old .Thorment and Autumn never wanted more young they were content with the second chance of life and love they’d been given. Butch and Marrisa’s son  Rhed who was smart damn smart .  And lastely V and Jane they couldn’t have young because well…Jane was a ghost but they wasn’t very maternal any way or so it seemed until baby Phear came along V has turned out to be quite the uncle doting on his nephew ,it just goes to show I guess. I’ve even seen Jane changing nappie’s ,I never thought I’d see the day!

The room is filled with so much love, my heart ache’s in my chest as I look around the table as we eat breakfast, everyone laughing and joking and that son of mine little Wrath just mindelessly gawking at Nalla ,he make’s me laugh the young has it bad!,  “Wrath?” Beth spoke pulling me from my thoughts, lightly touching my arm, ”Wrath what’s going on?” my beautiful shellan knew me so well …”Nothing….i just love this ,all of this “he waved his hand gesturing at the people sat around the table .She leaned in and kissed him softly on his lips, “you big softy!” she teased .I couldn’t help but smile my shellan had that effect on me.


“What a day “ Rhage smiled as they all made their way into Wrath’s office, some time later… all the shellan’s and young were resting .All the brother’s had a stupid smile plastered on their face’s ,today is what was needed ,all except V their was no smile there .

“ok V hit us with it, what’s this all about ?” Thorment urged him.

“I’ve seen the lesser’s here, finding our home, torturing and killing our shellan’s taking our young and making them their own “ growls resounded around the room, but before anyone could say anything  V quickly added “ there’s a way to save them ,but the sacrifice is big” meeting their wide eyes …”yeah well spit it out V?”” there’s a colony of lesser’s residing deep in the mountains…400 hundred or so ,we…..we must obliterate them”

“ok sounds easy enough” added Phury , “No …it’s not that simple, we have to get right in amongst them, and I must do it with this ,” he said holding up his gloved palm. “all the lesser’s are in the one place it’s the perfect opportunity to wipe them out but I wont be able to get in there alone were going to have to fight our way in …..we have to die to save our shellan’s to save our young to save our race……” he paused ….”there’s no other way “ silence filled the room, the only sound that could be heard where loudly beating hearts . “so be it ..” Wrath added ….”I’d die a thousand deaths to save my shellan to save mine young “ “so be it “ they all added nodding one by one “but Wrath you are king ….we cant allow you to do this” Thorment said firmly . “ look…if mine brothers are going down then I am going down with them we shall all go down together “ love, respect and admiration passed between them “one thing brothers our shellan’s?? They mustn’t know we are not coming back from this ….agreed? “  “ we have until the snow sets before they attack, which is weeks….as soon as the snow begins to fall we go, we rid this world of thy fucking bastards!!”  V ranted. The brothers stood taller with renowned purpose. Wrath addressed them one more time,” I suggest we spend as much time with our shellan’s and young, prepare letters to leave behind ….we owe them an explanation …..go now…..”

Loud screaming barrelled down the hall way ….

Everyone running to the sound …..” WRATH ..WRATH … “ Beth called out….”it’s little Wrath he’s in transition…. “ FUCK “ spluttered Wrath ….” get the chosen …get the fucking chosen”

More screams………. That called out to Rhage ….shooting across the hall to his room, he found Mary cradling Dharkness…Dharkness was going into transition too. Mary cried  “please Rhage …please help him ..” one chosen and two vampire’s in transition. Jane ran in….” he’s not looking so good …we needed the chosen 1 hour ago here!!”she yelled,  the hallway was filled with the shellan’s and brothers and young “ what the Fuck…” Wrath yelled ,holding the chosen by the arm….”Wrath ,Dharkness has precisely 2 minutes before it’s lights out for him” Jane announced …”what about my fucking son!! “ anger spilling out of him……” he has longer ,we can get another chosen her pronto but Dharkness doesn’t have that time ,he needs to feed an he needs to feed NOW! “ desperation itching in Jane’s voice . “I ………..I could feed little Wrath for you “ announced a small voice from behind the crowd .Everyone turned to look …….”oh no you fucking don’t Nalla!! “ Zsadist roared placing himself infront of her . She placed a hand on his arm, turning him to look at her ….meeting his eyes “ Daddy….let me do this for him ….please ….he needs this ,do you want to be responsible for your king and queens pain when they loose their son, because that’s the reality of the situation here……imagine if that was me or Marcellus lying in that bed “ she pleaded

Zsadist remembered the day of her transition, he died a million deaths seeing her through it, keeping a watchful eye on the male vampire feeding her …..he got aroused only once ,when Zsadist willingly kicked him right in the dick for having less than honourable thoughts about his precious beautiful baby Nalla, that put a spanner in the little bastards works ….. all though….looking right back at him now ,she was no baby ….she was a woman an incredibly beautiful (like her mum) kind caring young woman …….nodding his head and cupping her face …which he remembers when she was a baby her lil chubby cheeks filling his hands  ……silently giving her the go ahead .And slowly planting a soft kiss on her forehead “ I love you daughter mine “ Z whispered .she smiled up at him “ you too daddy o “ Z giggled .He turned to face Wrath  “ he lays one finger on her and I’m going to stab him in the dick….do u understand?” Wrath expected nothing else from Z he was a possessive daddy and he loved his Nalla .

“ oh thank you Z “ Beth cried practically tackling him to the floor. Everyone laughed.

“ill stay with them Z for as long as it takes ,I promise you “ Beth added .she knew transitioning could turn sexual and get intimate but she just needed to be by her sons side ,to watch with her own eyes he was ok ,so staying with them was fine by her ,she would look after both of them .

People started to go back to their day .“ Thanks Z man….would you walk with me ?  Wrath asked

Z hesitant to move from the room his daughter had now entered ,reluctantly agreed ,walking side by side towards the study “ you know Z my boy has a little thing for your Nalla …ever since he was a little boy “Wrath said. Z’s eyes grew wide with alarm and fear ,looking up to Wrath ….Murder  hetched across his face . “ relax Z …come in sit down we need to talk “ Z didn’t relax but sat down all the same . “ I don’t know how its all going to plan out or even if your Nalla is remotely interested in young  Wrath but would it be such a bad thing? He adore’s her and brother …..” looking down swallowing hard wrath added  “ we……none of us will be here to protect what’s ours what’s precious  too us soon …..but ….i your lil Nalla , “ he stuttered …” she was the first baby born  into the brotherhood family ….Wrath is going to be strong ,he’s going to be king ….he would look after her and protect her ,I know that …I feel it deep in my gut brother “Wrath looked at Z who’s eyes glazed over. “ If it turns out it’s what they both want I won’t stand in their way…. I promise you “ Z whispered. Contemplating that he wasn’t going to be the male to protect her for much longer ,but comforted at the thought someone would at least be able too.


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