This story is a follow on from the JR Ward the black dagger brotherhood series


2. chapter 2



       “Well I have news brothers ,and it’s no good news ,last night whilst you was out on rotation I received word of 30 pre transition vampires missing , a witness has confirmed he seen a large group of lessers tackling a small group of pre transition vampires into some kind of bullet proof bus from what the newbie vampire described  “ Wrath spoke.

“what the fuck! Where was this ?” thor spoke out with repulsion in his voice.

“They were our own brothers, they trained here with us “ Outrage broke out amoungst the room.

Wrath hushed them and carried on speaking.

“It seems the lessoning society are taking an interest in out pre-trans vampires and we don’t know why, the witness heard one of the lessers stating they where not to be harmed they were needed alive for what was in store, he’s coming in to meet with us, we need to get warning to all our pre-trans trainees and out to civilians to be on high alert with the lessers growing numbers we have a problem on our hands boys “ the brothers agreed .All nodding in agreement.

Z spoke up “ a lot of our kids are pre-transition, their change coming very soon”

A lot of bleak faces filled the room. There was only my Nalla who had been through her transition.

“my thoughts exactly” Wrath spurted out with every bit of protectiveness he had for his boys filling his voice. “that’s why we need to get this sorted, I aint having any threat to our young, this couldn’t come at any worse of a time than when they are close to the change “ the room was now filled with the scent of all the warriors protective impulses ,they were all equally raged at the possible threat to their young and their faces were filled with sheer determination to protect their young no matter what!

“I know last night was rough and ideally I’d be telling you all to stay home tonight but I need you to be out there brothers “ Wrath insisted .The brothers agreed and off they went.

    The streets where cold ,we’d taken down 6 groups of lessers our out rage fueling us ,sparing us on. Our love for our families an our young and our kind feeding us power.

“well tonight’s been fun “Quinn smiled

“well that’s about 40 less lessers to worry about “ Blay panted

“you were an animal out there tonight Quinn” Butch laughed

“yeah well I’m fed the fuck up with the white haired bastards ,and any risk to my little angel I won’t take that lightly!! “ Quinn replied, frowning. “I’ll kill all the bastards.”

  1 hour until the sun rises, “we should head back, I think we’re done for tonight” Phury said just then V’s phone went off ,it was never  a good thing when it went off when they was on rotation, His eyes shooting to ours “ HOME NOW!!” he practically shouted .The brothers  dematerialized at Wraths office. “ come in” Wrath shouted .“ we have a pre-transitioned male who managed to escape from the lessers ,”he told them, not only that, he has information about where they are holding the pre-transitioned vampires and what the Omega wants with them. The colour drained from all the brothers faces. “ for fuck sake Wrath, spit it out!!  “ Z’s patience was wearing thin. “The Omega has found a way to turn our pre-trans vampires into lessers. “that’s not possible, surely V added” “I’m afraid so brothers he witnessed it with his own eyes, they have set up home deep in the mountains outside of town, there’s hundreds of the bastards ,we are massively out numbered ,they have been building this army for years.” V interrupted  “ they plan to attack us ,I’ve had visions many visions… that I just couldn’t put together ,that I couldn’t make sense off ,that I’ve been trying to figure out for weeks now, but it’s going to be messy brother’s I’ve seen death, a lot of death including mine own and off my brothers “ all eye’s in the room fell to V .”we have time at least I think we do, in my visions there’s snow, lots of snow “ the brothers released their breath ,unknowing they were all holding it. “ times good” Wrath added “ go now brothers, go love your shellan and hold your young ,and feed, we need to be at our strongest for what’s to come,we can commence this later, I need to think “

“V hold up” Z called after him. V stopped in his tracks waiting for Z to catch up “ is there anything we can do? There must be something? Surely!” Z asked V with sorrow written all over his face. “ I’m trying to make sense of it Z ,give me some time, true? “ Z  let his arm fall onto his brother’s shoulder  “sure thing V ,I’ve every faith in you ,you know that right?” smiling at each other. then they both headed their separate ways .V wished he had that faith in himself .    “Jane…. Jane? You here?” V called entering their room. Jane walked out of the bathroom wet from head to toe, wrapped in a tiny towel, “god your so hot right now” V growled as he stalked towards her as if she was prey ,well she was.. .Jane giggled, dropping her towel. “ what about now? “ she posed with her naked wet body ,pouting her beautiful lips .V ran at her lifting her and tackling her onto the bed, Kissing her passionately like he was about to devour her at any moment. He slipped his hand underneath the pillow while his lips were still in a embrace with hers and pulled out his cuffs an with one swift movement he had her cuffed to the bed, taking her by surprise ,she lay panting….he rose and looked down at her with total love an admiration. “oh that’s your game is it” she whimpered ,smiling ,looking up at him with the same love an admiration he had for her. He stood at the side of the bed, his eyes never leaving hers an pulled the hem of his t-shirt over his head, his body huge, and toned and utterly beautiful, he moved slowly with such sexy grace ,he kicked of his shitkickers ,and slowly unbuttoned his leathers and slowly slid down his zip, licking his lips, the intensity in his eye’s taking on a glow that’s never been seen before .He lifted her foot too his lips, softly placing a slow torturing kiss on it ,grazing, licking and nibbling his way from her toe to her foot, making his way slowly and tenderly up her leg to where he wanted to be, she arched off the bed and held her breath with anticipation he kissed and licked his way up her thigh, she took a sharp breath in “oh yes “ she moaned and at that moment he moved back down the bed, and took her other foot and started the same torturous heavenly kisses. She lifted her head and looked down at V  “ V please?” she begged, panting ,wanton ….he hushed her ….”shush baby ,I want to kiss and admire every inch of you “ he paused  “….before I fuck you HARD!” she threw her head back just his words threw her to the edge, she felt herself falling and falling ,feeling his slow torturous licks and kisses up her thighs and just as she lost it, she felt his warm wet lips on her…yes on her there …”OMG.. OMG “ is all she could repeat.. a breathless mumble leaving her lips, as he slid his two fingers slightly inside her whilst working her tenderly with his tongue ,she struggled against the cuffs needing the release needing friction, if she wasn’t already dead surely she would die if she didn’t come soon she thought to herself , she felt a rush through her whole body ,he pushed deeper with his fingers ,worked faster with his tongue, she was climbing and then the orgasm slammed into her hard and he kept up his torturous but delicious pace slamming her straight into another orgasm …she screamed loudly convulsing around his two fingers. He kissed her where he’d just been…slowly dipping his tongue inside of her, tasting her, lapping her up. He crawled up her body…she lifted her head to met his gaze ,when he came to her mouth fast ,their lips were locked ,their tongues entwined ,he slid his hand up her ribs to her breasts, tweaking her nipple and then thrust  into her hard and fast so she let out a scream ,he stilled inside her ,he wanted to savour the feeling ,enjoy the feel of him in his favourite place in the whole world, inside his shellan ,his eyes gleaming at her with love ,”open your eye’s for me Jane, I want to see you when I fuck you” he said his voice all gritty .she did. They looked into each other’s eye’s as V went to it hard and fast ,they come together over and over and over again……until the last time as V was coming ,it happened, His eye’s flashed white. A vision took him by surprise. “FUCK …….”


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