This story is a follow on from the JR Ward the black dagger brotherhood series


1. chapter 1

~~   23 year’s have passed by…

  The night’s are long and exhausting as much as our army has grown, so has the lessors army,they are like rodents, actually they are worse much worse. They are like flies round shit, to every piece of shit there’s a thousand flies!!This battle is never ending and ever exhausting,mtaking me away from my beautiful shellan and my princess Nalla and my little warrior Marcellus. Even when I’m home my mind is elsewhere constantly worrying about the growing threat to our race and my family.

  Ten minute’s since our last attack walking the street’s of Caldwell after been bombarded by a group of sickly smelling new born lessers, easy enough to take out,but 8 lesser to 1 brother,the thought of how easy the situation could turn around and not in our favour either.” V man?” “yeah z ?” we were all walking together equally drained all quiet no doubt all contemplating the same as I was and all completely fed up of this shit .”Have you seen how this all work’s out ,I mean have you had any visions, clue’s you know, you’ve been quiet lately ??” a worried look crossed V’s tired face, as he lowered his head and closed his eyes .” V man ?” I pushed not reassured by his reaction to my question, V’s usually the confident one of us, reassuring us, he’s the all knowing V ,telling us that it’s all going to be ok ”.I’ve seen some thing’s” he replied, his voice weak. We all turned to look at V looking expectant….when the smell, yes…that smell invaded my nostrils once more turning my stomach and it was strong real strong ,there was a lot of them, the worrior instinct in me kicked in, pushing aside my thoughts ,worry and even my fatigue. We all perched into attack mode ,this group was larger than the last. A group of 10 or so was heading my way ,I blew out my breath, prayed  to the scribe virgin, to get me home to my family safe ,an unleashed my dagger and run at them fast and hard slicing and dicing,they were coming at me from all directions,then there was a loud scream,one that pounded in my heart as I heard it,it was followed by laughter,turning I see my twin on the ground surrounded by a group of lessers cut up pretty bad ,not moving..something in me snapped a roar left me, vibtating in the alley where we all now stood ,everybody stopped in their tracks to look at me ,I felt empowered, and rage like I hadn’t felt in a long time. I took out the lessers around me in what felt like a split second ,then dematerialized inbetween where phury lay and the lessers stood slicing and pounding them in the chest turning them into nothing, which is what they were ,they were nothing! I hit the ground to check on my twin ,quickly glancing to check on the other brothers. I cradled him in my arms ,a tear slid down my face, it wounds me to see my precious twin hurt but he was alive ,his pulse was weak but he was alive, all of a sudden there were loud screams and then my brothers where by my side, the beast was free and making easy work of the lessers.”Butch get the car quickly! ” “Phury …brother stay with me please fight this ,you have everythin to fight for Cormia and the boys ,they need you ,I…need you”i told him as  tears streamed down my face as I feel him getting cold. “quickly” Butch yelled holding Rhage up at his side looking totally spent. We lifted Phury into the esculade and made fast work of the roads to the mansion.V took out his cell “Jane….get Cormia down to the center NOW! Phury is messed up pretty bad and we need a chosen Rhage’s beast came out he’s going to need to feed ….inform Wrath…Jane? I love you..?” V hung up. “how close are we Butch?” V said. ” Just about to hit the gates V man” “I don’t think he can hold on much longer” Z said ,looking like he was about to shatter into a million tiny pieces at any given second. Coming to an abrupt stop Butch yelled “WE’RE HERE!!!” greeted by Jane, Manny and Payne and Wrath. Time seemed to slow down,i was stood frozen, my eyes locked on the group of people surrounding my twin, i could smell death. “We’re loosing him here” Jane screeched which was very unlike her ,she was usually so professional and calm.”NO!!! …NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!” Payne cried reaching for Phury. “NO….sister mine you cant do this!” V called out trying to grab his twin. She shot him a look that would chill a eskimo .V nodded knowing she meant business. Everyone backed away as she reached out to touch Phury ,I stood immobilized as the light surrounded Phury and the whole room ,in a flash I was threw back into the wall both me and Payne fell to the ground. Time sped up ,Cormia rushed to Phury to feed him and V an doc Jane and Manny rushed to Payne who now lay unconscious. Everyone was rushing around so fast and I was lay frozen in time,hardly breathing,I couldn’t believe what a close call tonight had been “Hey….”I heard the most beautiful sound and then felt the most comforting touch. My beautiful shellan, my Bella ,she was here, god…how I loved my female. Her face came into focus. “it’s  going to be ok Z ….Phury is going to be ok ”she said speaking to me softly, whilst stroking my head . I leapt up rushing to my twin…I needed to see this for myself, he was ok ,he was healing as he now lay sleeping with Cormia clinging to his hand by his side.

Z? Cormia said.

I stood just staring in disbelief, he was alive he was really alive I was so sure it was his end….. .Z? Cormia said again. “Yeah” I managed to mutter .”thank you Z ,thank you” she whimpered as tears slid down her face. “he’s my brother, I love him too„ I’d die for him, I think it’s Payne we ought to thank” she gave me a weak smile. I felt Bella’s hand entwine with mine own. My breath left my body in relief, in relief my brother was going to be ok, in relief to making it home alive to my Bella to my children and with all of my brother’s safe.

Heading to our room with Bella holding tightly onto me I wanted to call onto Payne to see if she was ok. I Knocked on the door ever so slightly “yeah” V’s voices sounded out. “it’s me Z “ I heard Payne’s mumbled voice, “come in Z” I entered to see the magnificent female that saved mine brothers life, a female I could never repay that debt onto. Looking at her now so weak an so fragile I was frozen again an overwhelmed as we headed to the bed where she lay surrounded by V and Manny .I struggled to speak nothing would come out.” I’m ok Z ,this will pass” she tried to reassure me. I lifted my eyes to meet hers, she was a warrior for sure, she had warrior in them eyes, as strong as I’d ever seen. I fell to my knees at the side of the bed where she lay….”Thank you for saving my brother, I can never thank you enough and I am for ever in your debt “ she smiled. “don’t be silly Z, saving him was my pleasure ,he’s my brother too “ I rose an bowed my head to her thanking her again. “I should let you rest, be better soon sister “ as me and Bella left the room V followed .”Z man?” V Said , I turned to look into his sad eyes….”yes brother mine ?” “This hell isn’t over, Wrath needs us in his study ,he has something he needs to share with us, and it doesn’t sound good “ “can we put it off? We should all be there and Phury and Rhage are out of play ,you need to be with your sister and I need to be with my shellan and my kid’s right now ,after tonight you know ?” “I’ll speak to him” V said.

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