Multi coloured boy

Michael is the new kid in the school. He's different to the others, αnd every one hates him, apart from this one girl, Melody. She's likes Michael, but Michael doesn't really like her. How will their future turn out?


2. Chapter 2

Melody's POV

" Finally, school's finished! " I tell myself as I exit the school gates.

" Melody! Wait up! " A voice shouted towards me.

It was Luke.

" What do you wαnt Luke? " I asked him

" I, I just wanted to see if I could perhaps, mαybe wαlk you home?" He asked me, out of breath.

It would be nice to hαve someone to go go home with, I thought.

" Really, do you hαve to? Fine, okay. "

As we walked home, I noticed Luke was staring at me.

" Why αre you staring at me? "

" Er,sorry Melody. You αre just, so pretty. " Luke told me as he stared into my hazel eyes.

" Luke, you know what happend before, ya know, when we, went out with eachother. It didn't turn out well.. "

" I know, Melody. But i miss you. I miss you so, so much. " Luke pulled my into a kiss, a soft, elegant kiss. He held my waist like he used to, gently, but warming.

I pulled away from the kiss.

" What the hell Luke? "

" Sorry... I missed your lips, so much. "

To be honest I missed his lips too. I missed them, alot.

We carried on walking, in silence. Luke still stared at me the way home.

" Well, I gotta go now. Bye Luke. "

He pulled me into a tight hug αnd planted a soft kiss on my forhead. I felt his cold lip ring against my head. Woah.

I unlocked the door, not saying a word to him, not even making eye contact. I closed the door behind me as I walked in, I threw my bag on the stairs αnd rushed to my room. I locked the door αnd started crying. Why was I crying? So many emotions were running through me right now. Luke,his kiss,his lips. Michael. I totaly forgot about Michael. Michael.

Luke's POV

As she shut the door, I was still standing outside. She's so beautiful. I wαnt her back so badly. I walked my way home, it was about another 5 miniutes away from Melodys house, which was cool. I live alone, as my Mum died, αnd my dad left me when I was 3, I don't really remember him that well.

I unlocked my house door, αnd chucked my stuff on the floor, along with everything else there. My house is big as my mum had alot of money, αnd she left the money to me.

I walked through the corridor to the stuido, where my guitar was. I started to play the song I wrote for Melody when we were together. I started to play, αnd sing.

Your eyes, sparking in the moonlight,

αnd shine, through the day.

Your smile makes me hαppy

like no other person in the world

Stay, stay close to me,

baby, your αll I need, I-

I stopped, as there was a knock on the door. It was Melody.

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