I'm a Bad Girl...I Just Haven't Been Caught

I live the average good girl life during the day. At night I lie, cheat, and steal whatever I can. I like living fast and dying young sounds good to me. That's just who I am and no one will change that. I'm a bad girl that hasn't been caught...yet.


2. Last Party Before Summer

-5:00 pm-

"Mom and Dad should be home soon" I think to myself

"Katlynn, sweetie we're home"I hear my mom yell from the bottom of the stairs

"I'll be right down mom"I yell back, making sure the smell of drugs and the bags under my eyes are hidden

I walk into the kitchen to see my mom smiling and reaching for a hug.

"Aw Katlynn honey you didn't have to make dinner tonight"Mom said hugging me

"It is my favorite though thank you darling"Dad said grabbing a plate for him and mom

"You're welcome I thought it was the least I could possibly do after you got my that new computer and phone last weekend"I said with my best fake smile

"I told you that you didn't owe us anything you're too sweet"Mom said

"Also is it okay if I go to William's house tonight, he got his letter from Yale and he said he wanted me to be there when he opened it"I asked in my sweet begging voice

"Who is that again"Dad asked like he always does

"My boyfriend Dad"I said with a little laugh

"Are his parents home tonight"Mom asked in her strict voice

"No I don't even like him I'm not even going over there are you this stupid mother"I thought before I answered

"Of course they are mom I wouldn't even ask if they weren't you know that"I said convincingly as possible

"Well alright when will you be home"Mom asked

"I'm not sure I also need to study for my history exam so maybe 10 or 11"I said

"We'll both be asleep by then but okay it is Friday anyways you can go make sure you lock the doors when you get home"Mom said with a little smile

"Yay thank you guys I love you I'll be home later"I said hugging them a little before grabbing my keys and leaving

"At least I didn't have to be really quiet ant sneak out tonight'I said to myself before starting my car

-6:15 pm-

"What took you so long I've been waiting for ten minutes"Jessie asked as I got to her house

"Well not all people can live alone and come and go without a problem like you"I thought as my friend got in the car

"My parents took a little convincing then the traffic was bad I'm sorry I can't just leave my house like you all the time"I said rolling my eyes

Jessie rolled her eyes back

"Whatever just don't be late next time this is the last big party before the summer I don't want to be the last one high"Jessie said in a dramtic voice

"Do you think I want all the guys to be taken before I can sleep with them or the last one drunk"I said in a sassy voice

"Okay god Katie just drive"Jessie said annoyed

I love her, but she is a drama queen.

-6:50 pm-

We arrive finally and we're lucky to even find a place to park close to the party.

"Hey I thought you weren't going to make it"A drunk guy friend of mine said as we walked in

"Me miss a party..never"I said with a laugh as he handed me a drink

"I'm going to go smoke a little alright don't leave me again I had to walk home high last time"Jessie warned me

I rolled my eyes and followed my friends, James and Kian to get some shots in me.

"You still amaze me with your tolerance Wilson"Kian said shaking his head

"Hey don't say my last name so loud the guy at the door thinks it's Adams alright"I said in a whispered loud

"Okay I get it I don't know why you use fake names no one really knows how you are during the day"Kian said taking another shot

"Yeah but I'm never going to risk someone here knowing me"I said back throwing my now empty red cup on the floor

"So are you not on the hunt for sex tonight"James asked with a laugh

"I am it just looks like all the good guys are taken or maybe I'm not drunk enough"I said bringing a smirk to my face

"Please you don't even know good guys in bed that guy in the black shirt with black hair and skinny jeans is bisexual and amazing and he looks pretty drunk to me"Kian said with a big smile

"This is why I love that you're gay"I laughed before going to meet the guy and running off to a room with him for a long night

This is why I love my life. I do whatever,  whenever I want.

-5:00 am- The Next Day

I woke up with a huge hang over and a guy I still didn't know the name of next to me.

"My parents will be up in a couple hours to go to work I better get home"I thought to myself

I quietly got out of bed and got dressed then went to each room to look for Jessie until I found her. I shook her to wake her up.

"Hey wake up we have to go my parents will be awake soon and I have to get you home and get home myself"I said in a quiet voice

"Alright let me get dressed I'll be out in a minute"Jessie whispered with her eyes barley open

I walked to my car and waited for Jessie for a few minutes unitl I seen her walking out of the house we were in. I drove to Jessie's house and said bye to her, then raced home quietly going up to my room to pass out.

Now starts summer the best time of the year for sex, parties, drinking, and anything else I can get into.

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