I'm a Bad Girl...I Just Haven't Been Caught

I live the average good girl life during the day. At night I lie, cheat, and steal whatever I can. I like living fast and dying young sounds good to me. That's just who I am and no one will change that. I'm a bad girl that hasn't been caught...yet.


3. Goodbye Katlynn, Hello Katie

This is it my last day before "college". I think my plan is I'll stay a semester and probably do nothing then drop out and tell me parents it just wasn't working. They'll be mad but they can never stay too mad at their little innocent Katlynn.

"I can't believe you're moving away so soon"I hear mom say standing at my door breaking me from my thoughts

"I know mom it came so soon but I'm so excited to be prepared for the real world."I said in a fake excited voice

"I know you are darling I'm so proud of you and so is your father we really couldn't have asked for a better child"Mom said with a little laugh

"Thanks mom I couldn't have asked for better parents"I said with a smile

This time it wasn't a fake smile. I get into things I shouldn't all the time and disobey them, but they are my parents I love them more than anything. Maybe their little Katlynn isn't all bad.

"Okay all your boxes are in your car are you ready to go"Dad asked as I walked down stairs clearly holding back emotion

"Yeah I think so I'm going to miss you guys so much"I said as I hugged them both

I started to bring up the fake tears to just sell it.

"Oh honey why are you cring"Mom asked wiping my tears away

"I'm just so happy about college but I'm going to miss you so much"I said gasping like you would with real tears

"We'll see you again it's okay you better go you don't want to keep your roommate waiting"Mom said with an emotional smile

"Right bye guys I love you"I said hugging them then running out to my car

The plan was to tell them I'm going on vacation with William then go straight to college. The plan went better than expected. Now to go break up with the loser

I knocked of the door and William opened.

"This is hard but I want a new life at college we have to break up"I said in a sad voice hoping I sound sad enough

"Okay Katlynn or Katie which ever you prefer I knew since the month after we started dating this isn't a real relationship but you were considered "the hot nerd" I wasn't going to break up with you and not be "the hot nerds boyfriend" I know you were out getting drunk and sleeping with people I'm not going to tell anyone I don't care I just needed a good image in high school I figured we would be done I don't care you did good lying but I have friends in LA that constantly seen you bye Katlynn have a good drunk life"William said closing the door in my face

I'm human I instantly felt bad but he knew he couldn't broke up with me if he wanted it's his fault he's all mad now I can't worry about it. On to Jessie's house where I'll be living

"Katie"Jessie said waiting outside in an excited voice

"Finally I'm in LA where I should be"I said looking around and getting my boxes out

After we got all my boxes in Jessie was acting weird

"Okay what's going on you're being weird Jess"I said in a confused voice

"Well I have a surprise and no it's not a guy or drinking or partying or anything I know how much you like Ellen and her show and how much you like the 5sos band even know they're not exactly your music taste and they're going to be on the show and I got tickets for us"Jessie said like she's going to exploded on excitement

What can I say, I have a weak spot for that band. I don't really know why they're just so good. I'm not obsessed and in these fandom things but I really like their music.

"Oh my God Jessie that's amazing thank you so much"I said hugging her tight

"Anything for my roomie"Jessie said with a smile

"When is the show"I asked fast

"Tonight actually in a couple hours I've had tickets for months"Jessie said handing me the tickets

"Oh my God I have to get ready"I said running off the my bedroom

Okay Katlynn no more innocent little girl. Hello Katie this is your new life.

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