I'm a Bad Girl...I Just Haven't Been Caught

I live the average good girl life during the day. At night I lie, cheat, and steal whatever I can. I like living fast and dying young sounds good to me. That's just who I am and no one will change that. I'm a bad girl that hasn't been caught...yet.


1. Introduction

I guess I should start with my day life. I'm Katlynn Wilson from a town right outside of Los Angeles. I just turned 18 I'm a senior in high school. I have all As a nice, gentleman boyfriend that also gets all As. I'm applying to Yale. I never wear tight revealing clothes. I never wear too much makeup. I listen to music that sends good messages. I'm the assistant manager at a book store. I always help around my house as much as possible. I'm the perfect friend, daughter, girlfriend, student, and worker, at least that's what most people think. Now that the boring things are out of the way let me tell you who I really am and how I am at night. I go by Katie. I get my "boyfriend" to do all my school work, who is the biggest nerd in school and thinks he's my boyfriend. I never wear anything that even comes close to covering my knees. I always have my boobs out. My music taste talks about riots, drugs, drinking, sex, and money. I wear as much makeup as your everyday stripper or prostitute. I slept with my boss to get assistant manger. I steal anything I can or sleep with anyone to get what I want. I lie about my age, name, and anything else I need to. I cheat on my "boyfriend" every night. I love who I am and no one will ever change me. I know I'll die young and I don't care, it's what I want anyways.

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