Edward Elric x Reader ~Name Calling~

Name Calling? What?

What happens to you and your lover when stuff goes down, and names are called!

Ed x Reader ♥




1. Oneshot♥

Type: Romance, Comedy

Pairing: Edward Elric x Reader

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist; Brotherhood

[Narrator's P.O.V]


"What are you doing, you, you midget!?" You screamed at your lover; who was carrying you over his shoulder, pissed.

What happened was you saw him with a girl at a shop, but he says she was no one. You didn't believe him, so you flipped shit on him. You called him is worst desire; all possible small names.
"Call me that again," he threatened, and smacked your ass.

"Ow, you dwarf! Put me down this instant!" You were becoming furious! He smacked your ass again, and walked into your house. Your parents were never home, and he liked that. He carried you inside and brought you up to your room.

To be honest, you both were small, and it was quite easy to carry you. You didn't really care if people called you small names, but if they repeated it, and they were annoying, then you'd flip shit.

He got to your room, and opened your door- loud! He walked in and practically through you on your bed, and got on top of you. You blushed as you never did anything like this, and you were going to turn into a tomato with Him like this!

"U-Uh, Ed?! What do you think you're doing, you jerk! You midget-overload-undersized-dwarf!" You let your anger out. Honestly, he didn't even really get what you were getting at, he didn't understand why you were so mad!

"Seriously!!! Why do you keep calling me that!!!" He was angry just from the damn names, but he needed to know why she was calling him so.


"Because why?!"

"Because, because you cheated on me!" He lied there, speechless. He would never cheat on his girl, she meant everything to him, and he would never give up anyone else for her…

"What do you mean? I love you too much to ever do so!" You widened your eyes.

"What? But... You... You were with that girl earlier today..." You were speechless yourself. 'He... Loves me? 'You thought. He gently stroked your cheek.

"Her?! That's what you were spazzing about!? She was just some girl who I needed information from! I'm part of the military, you know. I need stuff like that!" He chuckled and kissed your forehead. "There's nothing you should be worrying about!" You felt your lips tug upwards, and smiled. He smiled at you- a closed eyes smiled, you loved those.

"Hehe, whoops!" You chuckled. He then bent down and bit your earlobe.

"What was that for!?" You sat up, with Ed still on your lap, he chuckled. He did it again.


"This is for all those names you called me, Karma!" He kissed your jawline, and brought his lips up to yours. He went gentle at first, then once you felt comfortable doing this, he made it more passionate. He broke the kiss, with a smile.

"I love you, __(First name)__!"

"I love you too, Ed!" You blushed a thousand shades of red. He got off of you, and pulled you up. Before you both walked out of the room, you stopped him. He turned to face you, curious.

"You know, you'll always be my Midget!" You chuckle and gave him a peck on the lips, and ran out of the room, laughing your head off.

"Hey!" He called out, and chased after you!


The End!


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