Is He The One?

Brad Said slowly to Sarah I Love U. Sarah did not reply, she just kissed him perfectly on lips


1. When We Met,

Its been 2 years since we Met, it was 2012 at first Day of Highschool, you were sitting next to me, oh God you looked so hot in that T-shirt and those Jeans, and those eyes as blue as the sky as shiny as a diamond, i just couldn't get my eyes of you.

Later that Day.......

During lunchbreak: i talked with him his name was Brad, We actually had alot in Common we both had the same Music taste and we both had annoying overstressed parents, we talked alot that day, but the next day he Met a Girl named Brooke she was the School Queen, he kept telling me abou how Nice she was and all, weeks past by we became closer and closer, and i fell more and more in love with him, but he had fallen in love with Brooke, and he had joined the football team so we Barely spoke that Much like we did the first week.

Sorry it is so short but this is my first time :)

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