Is He The One?

Brad Said slowly to Sarah I Love U. Sarah did not reply, she just kissed him perfectly on lips


2. Heartbroken

2 months Past and he started dating Broke, he became the popurlar guy in school, i became his Best Girl-Friend, that was Nice we hung out most of the time, Brooke didn't like me that much she Kept fighting with Brad about how much time he spent with me and how little Time he spent with her, he was annoyed and all but he still loved her, which was killing me, but time past and I met Sean we fell in love with each other and started dating but little did I know that having a boyfriend was harder than I thought.

Brad Took a break from Brooke for some stupid reason but I didn't care I had Sean the boy of my dreams, but for some reason I felt fishy about my realsionship with Sean, cuz I heard all these rumors about him making out with Brooke all the time and of course i didn't believe them but I was still worried, until he told that Brooke was trying steal him away from me beacuse she Thinks that Brad is in love with me but that would be Crazy!!, that's what I said to Sean, me and Brad hung out almost all the time more that I did with Sean which was really weird cuz Sean was always busy and that was really annoying cuz I wanted to cuddle with and kiss and just be with him, but he never had time for me for some reason :(, but it was different with Brad whenever I called him he came he was still my secret crush I began to think a lot about him again which was wrong cuz I had Sean but I just couldn't get Brad of my mind, gosh darnet why does he have to have does sky blue eyes shining like diamonds and that blonde hair god he was PERFECT, I wish he was mine.

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