A Hare called Rabbit


6. Berry

When the horse left the barn, Rabbit was resting on his back, a long piece of staw dangling out of his mouth.
He thought to himself that, although this place is relaxing, it still wasn't better than the green field.
he hopped out of his and jumped al the way down to the lowest hay stack.
'Maybe i should look around this Farm, it might not be as bad as it seems.'
Rabbit saw some berry bushes.He didn't wait a second, he just hopped all the way to the bushes and started nibling
on the berries.He also took three berries, and added them in his bag.
He then met a group of chickens and hens.He stole some of their seeds.
They got angry, so they attacked him, by pecking on his head.He threw away the seeds and got away.
'Crazy chickens.' he said in a grumpy way.


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