Life's a climb

This is a story about my life and all the events in this story are true. Thank you guys for reading!


1. Starting off

Well I was in elementary school when I started realizing things. I was one of those kids that really didn't want anything to do with anyone. I didn't have very many friends if any. I was just an outcast. One day we were walking down the hallway going to lunch. I was walking alone, like always. This one girl named Madison comes up to me and asked me why I was walking alone. I told her "People don't like me." She looked at me in a funny way and said "well why not?" I was thinking to myself asking myself that same question everyday. I really don't know. So I just looked at her and didn't say anything. "Well I'll be your friend." she looks and me with a smile. I gave her a confused look and kept walking. While we were in line to get our food this boy named Billy came up to us and gave Madison and I a dirty look. "What are doing with her?" She didn't say anything to him, just gave him a look like shut your big fat mouth. After school I was getting on the bus, little did I know Madison and I rode the same bus. I climb up the steps and go to my seat and to my surprise Madison is sitting in my seat. "What are you doing?" I ask her. "I told you we are friends now I'm gonna sit with you." she says as she gives me a smile. We sat with each other the past couple of weeks and sat with each other at lunch everyday. I was getting on the bus one day sat down with Madison and smiled as I sat with my new best friend. She looks at me and kind of gives me a half smile. She asks "Hey Bethany, do my eyes sparkle?" I give her a weird look."Well, yeah sure." I say to her confused. "Good, yours don't, they are ugly, like you." She mutters. I was so confused and hurt. My best friend or what I thought was my best friends just called me ugly. As tears fill my eyes and kids leave the bus, I sit there wondering what I ever did to deserve what was just said. The next day I tried talking to her and she just blew me off. Little didn't I know people were making fun of her for being my friend. I walked the halls alone everyday, people pointing and laughing at me. Our family wasn't the wealthiest. We were poor, I didn't have a lot of clothes and I wasn't the smartest. I was that kid sitting in the corner, eating by herself, walking alone. No one wanted to be around me and no one wanted to be my friend. I was a complete outcast I always wondered why people hated me and what I did to deserve it. I guess because I looked different and didn't have a lot. I just wanted to fit in.

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