Watch me fly

Aubrey Panther life oh and um life so yeah boring and just CRAZY!!


1. Trapped inside

I really hate my parents. WHY!!! Because there not letting me go to my crushes party

Now I really feel like killing........ "Aubrey sweet heart come down stairs" said my mom.

"What mom I'm doing something really important" I said. " can it be anymore important than what I have to tell you." "Probally I said in my head so no one can here me". She's so annoying she's like a flee in a dog. I mean like really can she be any less crazy. All I want to do is go to my I mean friends house.


I feel like I'm going to be sick. ALL MY SCHOOL WAS TALKING ABOUT IS THAT STUPIT PARTY!!!!!!! I am soo mad. Oh great now my crush is walking over here. I soooo wonder what he has to say. "Hey, Aubrey are u coming to my party." "Sorry I can't make it, my mom is um..... SICK yeah she is um puking and everything and wants me to take care of here so yeah SORRY" I said feeling so guilty. :( "Oh tell her I hope she feels better". He said with a smile on his face :). Did I really just say that?

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