Too late


8. Chapter 8

Luke's pov

'Were here!' I screamed to Lily which woke her up

'Aw okay baby, but you didn't need to scream like that' she replied giggling

I smiled at her, grabbed her hand and ran off the plane, we soon walked back on because we almost got knocked to the floor by all the fans!

'That was so scary' she said

'Better get use to it' I replied

20 mins later our guards took us over to our hotel where we were staying, It was very expensive, but the 1D boys payed for it, they will be here in 10 mins, so I better make sure that I'm ready!

'I'm really nervous what if they don't like me, what if they don't like us' I said shaking

'Luke your band is amazing, ur amazing of course they are gunna like you, why wouldn't they?' She replied whilst kissing me

'I love you Lily, you always know what to say at the right time!' I said kissing her again

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