Too late


5. Chapter 5

Lily's pov

'LILY GET UP WE NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL' Luke shouted at me through the hallway

I jolted up and looked puzzled, he just laughed at me.

'Im up' I mumbled sleepily

'Come one, you need to get dressed and I'll drop you off to school' He replied

I grabbed my phone and looked at it, I had 15 texts from my mum asking me where I am, she's so stupid? Where else am I going to be other than Luke's? I have no other friends?

The last text read 'don't bother coming home tonight if you're gunna stay out without tell me'

I just huffed and got up, threw my black skinny jeans and nirvana top on, and joined Luke and Liz in the kitchen for breakfast, we had Nutella on toast

'Luke we better get going cause I'm gunna be late otherwise' I said whilst smiling at him

'Yeah okay princess let me just put my shoes on' he said back

We both put out black converse on and walked to the car, he opened the door for me, as usual and then ran round and got in his side

The car was silent, should I ask if I can stay at his again tonight?

'Luke' I mumbled

'Mmm' he said back

'My mum got all pissy with me last night over text, and I read them this morning, and she told me not to go home tonight because I didn't say where I was staying, could I stay at yours again tonight' I said quickly

'Of course you can Lily, but the boys are coming round later, so you can help with picking and recording a song we can cover' he said smiling whilst rubbing my thigh

'Yay okay thankyou baby' I said

We pulled up to the car, I jumped out, and so did Luke, we walked up to our lockers together, hand in hand, smiling, everyone was staring.

We got into class and saw the boys there, I ran up to Calum and hugged him, this kid is my best friend, we've known eachother for like 3 weeks now, and i don't know, we've just got on so well

'Oh my god guess what guys' Calum said excitedly

'What' me, Luke, Ashton and Michael replied at the same time

'Louis Tomlinson from one direction contacted me, saying he wants us to go on tour with him' He shouted

'Wow guys that's amazing!!' I replied quietly

All the boys were all hyped up, and I don't know, I should be too, but I'm not going to see Luke for 6 months? We've spent the last 72 hours with eachother, and haven't left eachothers sight. I don't know If I'll be able to cope.

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