Too late


4. Chapter 4

Michaels pov

I love her, but yet I'm always too late, I'm so much better than him, yeah he's gorgeous, but I have a bigger heart that him. I don't know whether I should tell him or not. It might ruin the friendship..

I have tears in my eyes and I see Calum coming over

'Whats wrong dude?' He said looking concerned

'Nothing Calum' I snapped back

'Dude I can see there's something wrong, you can tell me anything remember' he says giving me a smile

'promise not to tell anyone. especially Luke and Lily' he said.

'Promise' Calum replied

'Well you know the song i wrote for us a few weeks ago? Too late?' Michael said whilst looking down at his feet

'Er I don't know' Calum replied

We'll that song, I er, made it for Lily, I love Lily, Calum, yet she's with Luke and I can't do anything about it, because she's with Luke and she loves him to pieces, I didn't even try to get close to her because I was too stupid and shy' i said pissed

'Ever since the day that we met, I'm tearing down the walls in my head, there was always something about you' i sang, but quickly stopped

Calum was speechless, 'just listen, you know what Luke's like, He doesn't normally last very long in relationships, so just wait it out' he said quickly,

I wanted to get out of the conversation so I quickly replied 'thanks man but I've got to get home'

He just nodded and said said 'cuddle' whilst holdin his arms out, I hugged him and ran off.

Luke's pov

'So Lily, you know your birthdays a week away and I was wonderi' she cut me off by saying 'I don't want anything Luke' with a smile,

I just smirked at her, 'it'll have to be a surprise then' I said whilst kissing her on the head

'I hate surprises' she hissed,

I just giggled

'I better start getting you home, before your mum starts worrying about where you are' I said whilst pouting

She looked up at me and just replied 'kiss me'

I looked at her in shock, and leaned down to kiss her on the lips, I thought it was gunna be one of them quick goodbye kisses, but no, she deepened the kiss, and I couldn't help myself, but I put my hands on her bum, she smiled and carried on kissing,

It lasted about two minutes, when she pulled away saying 'now I have to stay the night cause I can't leave you after you kissed me like that' I just giggled and said 'let's go up to bed then'

She looks at me whilst whispering, 'but I wanna stay here, cause we have to be closer to eachother,'

'Ergh okay then' i replied

I pulled her closer to me and wrapped my arms around her waist so she wouldn't fall off, and we both slowly fell asleep

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