Too late


3. Chapter 3

Luke's pov


I'm standing at my locker and all I hear is whispers behind me, I turned around to see 10 different girls, I didn't know any of them, they were staring at me, making me feel really uncomfortable, I saw Lily. She looked at me and frowned. Then turned around and ran off, she looked like she was gunna cry. She must of thought I liked these girls, I really didn't.

I pushed passed all the girls they gasped, and I ran down the corridor after her, she saw me coming and tried running, but I was obviously faster than her, I grabbed her wrist so she would turn around. She looked at me and just faced the ground. There was silence for a minute or two, and then I heard 'who were all them girls Luke' she asked softly but I could tell she was upset

'I don't know' I replied

'You must of loved it, They were all so much prettier than me' she said

'No, I hated it. You are beautiful Lily, your are the prettiest girl I've ever come across, you are amazing, I don't know what I would of done if I didn't move here, I wouldn't of met you, my life would be completely different, you're perfect and I love you Lily, and I think you should be my girlfriend' i said in one long breath.

There was silence for a minute, I could tell she was crying, she just broke down, and wrapped her arms around me, and whispered in my ear 'I love you to the moon and back my little penguin and of course I want to be your girlfriend'

I actually love her, I've never had feelings like this before, every time she touches me or even smiles at me I get butterflies.

Lily's pov

I cannot believe what happened then. He thinks I'm beautiful and he loves me..

'Oh look Ashton, Calum and Michael are over there, let's tell them about our news' Luke said all cheerfully

'Yeah okay' I said back

'Guys guess what' Luke quickly mumbles,

'What' they all said at the same time, which made me giggle

'Me and Lily are together' he said whilst smiling

'Aww' they all said whilst squishing us.

'Well they took it pretty we'll' Luke says

'Yeah' I mumble back whilst smiling at him

I can help it, whenever I'm around him I smile, he's amazing, gorgeous, funny, and he's also not ashamed to be with me, and also, he doesn't hit me..

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