Too late


2. Chapter 2

Lily's pov

I woke up and saw Luke was gone, I got scared, did I do something in my sleep that put him off me? *knock knock* the door slowly opened and Luke walked in with Breakfast.

'Took me an hour to find everything but here ya go' Luke said softly

'Aw thank Luke you little penguin' is said back

He's so sweet, and awkward and aw, I really like him.

I ate my breakfast and snuggled back under the covers, Luke came back up and got in with me.

'You look so cute when you sleep Lily' He said smirking,

'Aw haha' I said back as my cheeks went red.

'Come er, we can cuddle all day and watch Netflix if you want' of course I wanted to watch Netflix with Luke.

'Yeah okay that will be nice' I said, getting up, turning on the TV.

Luke's pov

I think I'm starting to like her, really like her, she's beautiful, amazing, kind. We also have so much in common.

She jumped into the bed next to me, I looked at her as she go comfortable, and she looked back up at me,

'You're so beautiful' I mumbled

'You're not too bad yourself she replied

She snuggled up to me, as we watched the horror film she picked.

'Wanna go to the park Lily' i asked her

'er yeah okay, not for too long tho, as I have tons of homework to do' she replied

And off we went to the park.

Lily's pov

'I've always hated swings' I said glaring at it

'Come sit on my lap' he said giggling

I ran over to him, and sat on his lap, we sat there for 10 minutes in silence, he broke the silence by calling my name, I turned around and felt his soft lips press against mine, I just giggled and went bright red.

I jumped up off his lap and pushed him off the swing, he was shocked but jumped up straight away and chased me round the park twice, in the end he caught up with me and grabbed my waist, he spun me around and carried me over to the pool, and threw me in so I went under, I came up and screamed, he put his hand out so that he could help me out, but I just pulled him in with me. We just both laughed for a few minuets then decided we should get home,

We got back at my house, we both got out the car and said our goodbyes, he kissed me and then left. I then went indoors and slumped down on the couch,

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