Too late


1. Chapter 1

Lily's pov

'First day back, and I've already got people hating me, idk what to do, how to handle it' i mumbled to myself as i walked up to class, just as i stepped in the class room I saw there was two new boys sitting in my seat.

'Hiya, you're sitting in my seat' she said very softly

The blonde haired guy turned around and stood up whilst looking at me, he had blue eyes, they are gorgeous,

'Oh er sorry Hun ' he said to me with a smile, that's when I noticed his lipring.

Luke's pov.

There was silence between the pair of us, I can't stop looking at her, I think she is probably getting a little freaked out, so I decided to say something to her,

'Hello my names Luke' is all I could think of to say,

'Aw, my names Lily' she replied

She's gorgeous, should I ask her on a date? Or even just to drop her home after school.

'Hey Lily. I just wanna tell you straight, I think you're pretty, an your cute, and seem so sweet, let me drop you home after school' he asked her..

'Oh er aw thankyou, and yeah okay then' Lily said with her cheeks bright red.

------------after school-----------

Lily's pov

I see Luke standing over by his car, he's looking around for me, he sees me and gives me the biggest smile, his smile was perfect, he was perfect, I'm staring as I walk closer to him.

'What are you staring at? Have I got something on my face?' He said quickly rubbing his face,

'No no no, nothing's on your face, I was just staring' I said, feeling my cheeks burn up.

'Oh okay then, he said with a smirk.

I got in the car and turned the radio up, he changed it to blink 182, I looked over at him really surprised, I loved blink, I wonder if he did too?

'Do you listen to a lot of blink?' I asked quietly

He turned around quickly saying 'yes they are on of my favourite bands' he said back,

'Aw me too' I said whilst humming along.

Luke's pov

We pulled up outside her house, it's only 7 house up from Calum's,

'Wanna come in?' She said with a smile on her face.

'Yeah okay' I replied quickly.

All we did was listen to music, talk, eat and laugh, we have to much in common, were perfect for each other, her favourite food is pepperoni pizza, he favourite song in blink 182 'I miss you', she loves singing, SHE LOVES PENGUINS.

'Hey Lily, I know we've only been talking today, but it already feels like a month, wanna go on a date with me? We can go to pizza hut' I said smirking

'YES YES YES' she said with a huge smile.

'Okay we'll I'm gunna go home cause I need sleep, and it's 10 o'clock' I said sleepily

'You can crash here Luke. But you have to keep me warm, because I'm freezing' she said smirking

'Okay then' I said smiling

I pulled off my shirt, and bottoms, as she put on some shorts and a vest. She got in first, and I got in after her, kissing her forehead, and wrapping my arm around her, she put her head in the gap in my neck and I heard her breathing heavier as she fell asleep.

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