Uke To Seme

takashi usui has a secret relationship with his big brother Shiro . Takashi's best friend attacks shiro saying takashi is his . How will Shiro react ???


2. I Confessed

Takashi Sighs Heavily " My head hurts " He says getting up from His Bed heading to the Kitchen , He saw his Brother sitting at the dinner Table  and walked over and said Quietly " Onni-chan can i talk to you for a little while " his Brother Nodded Looking up to Takashi " Sure Little Bro so... what did you want to talk about ? "  , Takashi Gulped and said in responded saying " Someone .... Um.. a Upper Classmate Gave me a Letter ... actually He put it in my locker " .  Shiro eyes Widen and said Softly " Who ?? .... He Put his Name in the Letter Right ? "  Takashi Started to Tremble scared But shiro said " Takashi Don't tell me your planning to Leave me ?? " , Takashi started to cry 

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