Uke To Seme

takashi usui has a secret relationship with his big brother Shiro . Takashi's best friend attacks shiro saying takashi is his . How will Shiro react ???


1. my brother is a seme ?!?!?!?!!

Takashi was a new student at sekia arts academy . the teacher decided that shiro would take him around the school  because people thought the two were brothers but in reality they were only half brothers it was because their birth father kept remarrying . takashi and  shiro had a secret relationship , shiro would do perverted things to takashi as long if  shiro did really love takashi . takashi said nervously “ Nii-chan , how are you we haven’t talked in a long time “ .  shiro replied in a husky voice “ i’m good but i’ve missed you “ shiro kissed takashi gently but firmly then smiled  “ your lips are smoother than i remember “ takashi blushed he was so embarrassed . but there was no reason to be they were in a empty hallway  and they were alone takashi said softly “ yamete shironii-san “ takashi blushed deeply it was so embarrassing having his brother kiss him on his first day of school  “ we should be getting to next period shiro “ takashi stuttered out  . shiro and takashi didn’t have the same class period’s except for homeroom and right before lunch . ( at the end of the day ) takashi gets a letter from an older classmate named arata “ man...i still remember what that letter said  “ * flashback * “ takashi please go out with me , your face is so young looking . i want to have you with me soon ~ arata from year 2 class A-2 “ . takashi didn’t plan on telling his big brother shiro about the letter . * takashi gets to his house * “ i’m home …. “ takashi said softly going up stairs  to his room . he reached to his room and jumped on the bed  “ so tired “ he fell asleep . by the time he woke up his big brother had returned . takashi woke up  

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