Too late (L.H)


7. 7

Lily Pov:


It was getting late so I asked Luke if I could crash at his, I wasn't sure at first I didn't know if we were still okay but I'm guessing we were as he let me stay.

"I love you" Luke said pouting

"I love you too" I replied

I was looking up at him, his blue eyes stared into my hazel eyes. His arms were wrapped around my waist mine on his neck, he slowly leaned down for a kiss. It was a passionate kiss, we've never kissed like that before it's like it really meant something, like he was trying to prove him self.

"You're perfect lily, did you know that?" He smirked

" I Urm thanks" my cheeks blushed bright red

" I don't have any clothes here, can I borrow some of yours?" I smiled

"Sure babe" he replied

He playfully picked me up and carried me upstairs placing a kiss on my nose. We got into his room and he laid me on his bed throwing a sweater at me.

"Turn around?" I asked

"Fineeeee" he pouted

He obviously didn't think I couldn't see him peeking at me whilst I took my top off at put his on.

"I can see you Luke" I laughed

"Oops sorry" he said sarcastically

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