Too late (L.H)


6. 6

Luke PoV:


What have I done I thought to myself. I can hear lily crying down stairs, I've made my own girlfriend cry, I love her to pieces.

I finally walked down stairs after 10 minutes, I walked into the front room to see the boys comforting lily

"What the hell have you done Luke?" Ashton shouted

"I Urm got jealous"

"I didn't want you to take her away from me" I continued

"I wouldn't do that Luke!! You're my best friend!" He yelled

" I'm sorry lily, I love you so much you mean the world to me!" I said, a tear slowly rolled down my cheek

"It's okay babe don't cry, I love you too!" She said quickly hugging me, my arms around her waist hers around my neck.

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