Too late (L.H)


5. 5

Lily Pov:

The rest of the car journey was silent, Luke seemed mad at me. We went back to Luke's as we always did, he called the boys and told them to come round


"I'm going upstairs" Luke hissed at me

"Well I'm going to stay here then" I sighed

"Fine" he shouted

"Bitch" he mumbled

"I heard that Luke you jerk!" I screamed

"Love your use of supernatural quotes to insult me" he sarcastically yelled

"Just fuck off already!" He continued

I felt the tears roll down my cheeks, I sat in the corner of the room, I brought my knees to my face and I began to sob. I don't know what I've done to Luke to make him act this way. Maybe it was the whole thing with Ashton? Maybe he was scared of loosing me? I love him so much I don't want too loose him either.

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