Too late (L.H)


4. 4

Lily pov:

I spent all day with it on my mind, I couldn't get Ashton's face out of my head. He looked so sad knowing me and Luke were together.

"What's up?" Luke said to me

"Nothing" I lied

"What's wrong babe? I know when you're lying"

"I'm fine Luke stop bugging me!!" I snapped

"Luke I-I didn't mean to snap"

"It's fine I'll just leave you alone!" He said as he walked off

I bumped into Ashton, I looked at him, his puffy red eyes, with tear stained cheeks.

"Ashton what's wrong?" I asked worried

"You and Luke" he replied his voice breaking as one tear rolled down his cheek

"W-what?" I stuttered

"I've always liked you lily, since the day I met you. That's why I kissed you last week, to show you I liked you. It's doesn't matter now, your with Luke and you two are good together" he said now crying more

"I-I'm s-sorry Ashton, I didn't know" the lump in my throat grew bigger, a single tear rolled down my cheek

Ashton walked off and I haven't seen him since, I spent all day worrying about him.

Luke picked me up after school, the car journey home was awkward, after a while Luke finally broke the silence.

"Ashton told me" Luke snapped

"Told you what?" I asked

"That's he's always liked you, your not going to leave me for him are you?" He asked worried

"No I would never do that you know I wouldn't" I quickly replied



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