Too late (L.H)


3. 3

"Look at you two love birds then" Calum teased as he woke us both up

"Piss off hood!" Luke hissed

"Whatever you say Hemmo" he laughed as he left the room

Luke turned to face me, without any hesitation he leant in and kissed me, his hands around my waist whilst mine were running through his hair

"So does this make us official?" He pouted

"Looks like I'm going to be the new Mrs hemmings!" I winked at him as I got out of bed

Me and Luke got up and got dressed, we walked out of the room and our hands intertwined. We walk into the kitchen ur hands still intertwined the boys looked at us.

"What?" Luke hissed

"So you two a thing then?" Ashton said his voice slowly saddening

"Yeah we are" Luke smiled at me

Ashton looked away, he couldn't bare to see us together, he's liked me since the day he laid eyes on me. I could never date him, he's like a big brother to me.


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