Too late (L.H)


2. 2

Lily PoV:

I knocked on Ashton's door and waited a few minutes before the door swung open and I was engulfed in four big hugs.

"It's only been four hours since I last saw you guys, your're acting like i haven't seen you in months" I laughed

"Four hours? Are you kidding lily? That's way too long to be away from our little muffin" Luke said in a babyish voice whilst pinching my cheeks

I'm a year or two younger than the boys, we first met when I first started high school two years ago and well, since then we've been inseparable

Me, Ashton, Luke and Michael were sat on the sofa waiting for Calum to come back from upstairs.

"Guys! Guys!" We heard Calum shout

"Tangled or Peter Pan?" He asked

"Tangled tangled omg tangled" I screamed, i jumped off the sofa over to Calum begging him to put it on.

"Fine you little baby, we'll watch tangled" I stuck my tongue out at him and we both sat on the sofa.

Luke held my hand, as always. I liked him, a lot. I've never had the courage to tell him but God do I want to tell him.

The film finished and we all decided it was best to crash at Ashton's tonight as it was getting late. I borrowed one of Ashton's tops, said goodnight to the boys and went up to bed.

"Lily wait" I turned to see Luke

"I was Urm just wondering if I could maybe sleep in with you tonight, I don't want to share a bed with the boys" he smiled at me

My heart started beating fast, I loved him so much, I knew nothing was going to happen but I didn't care.

"Sure lukey" I said as I took his hand

It was getting late, my head was resting on Luke's chest, his arms wrapped around me, I felt safe

"Lily?" Luke sleepy asked


"I've been wanting to say this for a while, I Urm I like you lily, I have for a while. You're so beautiful, the way your few strands of hair fall over your blue eyes, your laugh whenever I hear it makes me smile. I love you lily" he warmly said

"I love you too Luke" I looked down on him our faces only inches apart, I leaned in and we kissed.

I pulled back quickly realising what I had done, I just kissed my bestfriend.

"Lily, I've been wanting to do that for so long"

"Luke I can't, we're best friends, what will the others say?" My voice slowly breaking as I felt tears roll down my face

"Babe it's okay, I'm sure they'll understand seen as they know I like you" he smirked

My eyes lit up as I started to smile, I don't really know why I was crying, I guess I was worried about what the boys would think. After a few minutes we slowly started to drift off to sleep.


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