Too late (L.H)


15. 15

*One month later* (A/N sorry for the time skip I was lost on what to write without it all sounding the same as the previous chapters)

"Luke!!" I yell up the stairs, it's our one month anniversary today and I planned a little dinner out, Luke had been getting ready for the past hour and our reservation for the restaurant is in 20 minuets. What's taking him so long? "I'm coming" I saw him come down the stairs, he looked handsome, I'd never seen him a suit before, but boy do I want to see him in one more often "Take a picture it will last longer" he smirked before taking my hand in his as we walked over to the car, he opened the door for me like the true gentlemen he was, I politely thanked him and we soon were off to the restaurant. My favorite All Time Low song came on and I turned the volume up slightly " she works for the weekend, mix tape of her favorite bands..." I continued to sing along until I saw Luke giggling to himself out of the corner of my eye, I turned a dark shade of crimson red but soon enough started laughing about it with Luke. "You have a good voice, you know that right?" he looked at me raising his eyebrows "No I don't, it's nothing compared to yours" I turned my head away and looked out the window "Lily, you do, you're amazing" "Thank you Luke" I kissed him on the cheek and he continued to drive. 

*at the restaurant*

"Tonight's been amazing Lily, thanks for bringing me here" Luke had a massive smile on his face as he finished his dessert "No problem luke, I'll do anything for you", I asked the waiter for the bill. After we had paid, we took a nice walk along the beach seen as the restaurant was on the beach. The dim light from the moon reflected off the sea, slight ripples in the water from the wind made the moon look distorted but it looked beautiful. Me and Luke walked hand in hand for a while not saying a word until Luke broke the silence "I love you" he said still looking out to sea "I love you too" I reached up onto my tip toes and lightly pecked his lips, I went to move away when I felt Luke pull me forward and place his lips on mine. He had one hand on my waist and the other cupping my cheek, I placed my hands on his chest and we continued to kiss, after a few more seconds we pulled away and looked at each other for a moment before continuing to walk. "Lily, me and the boys have a gig soon, I was wondering if you wanted to come with us?" he asked shyly "Of course I would Luke, I'd love to support you four!" I smiled at him. We decided to head back home after a while and get some sleep, I rung my mum and told her I was staying with Luke tonight, we drove back to his with the radio turned up loud singing along to all the songs. 

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