Too late (L.H)


14. 14

Me and the boys decided to skip the rest of school seen as our parents didn't really mind, we ran to Ashton's house because it was only down the road, "you. boys. will. be. the. death. of. me" I said trying to catch my breath. They all just look at me and burst into a fit of laughter "fucking dorks" I mumbled under my breath.

Once we got to Ashton's, we ordered a few pizzas and Michael got us a few beers. I cuddled into Luke with a bottle of beer in one hand and my other hand in lukes, I always loved these lazy days with the boys, we just sit around doing nothing other than watching films and messing around.
 "I'm gonna take a shower ash if that's alright?" "yeah that's fine, towels in the bathroom, clothes in my room help yourself" he replied not once taking his eyes off the screen. I went upstairs and quickly took a shower, I put my wet messy hair in a bun and put on one of Ashton's hoodies. I went back down stairs, after about 20 minuets of being upstairs, to find all four boys fast asleep in the front room. I tidied up the floor a bit and threw a cover over Michael and Calum who looked like a cute gay couple, and a cover over Ashton who had his legs hanging off the arm of the sofa. I got another blanket and cuddled into Luke who was asleep on the big sofa. I could hear light snores coming from him, I fell asleep cuddling into him.

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