Too late (L.H)


13. 13

When we got to school Michael, Ashton were all at their lockers, lucky for us 5 all of our lockers are next to each other so we meet here break and lunch. The boys got quite a bit of attention at school, they are in a band, 5 seconds of summer to be precise. They do covers together for Youtube and they have a few of their own songs as well but I've never really paid much attention to it. I put my books into my mad and started small talk with Michael because the other three were talking about stuff me and Michael weren't really interested in. "So what did you do last night?" Michael asked "Boy you're a nosy one aren't you?" I winked at him before closing my locker and turning around to talk to him "I'm just kidding I didn't do anything actually I just went to bed, what bout you?" "Ate, video games and slept" he chuckled "sounds like Michael, I've got to get to 1st lesson, meet back here yeah?" "yeah sure things" he replied, I gave him a quick wink and walked off down the corridor

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