Too late (L.H)


12. 12

After a long weekend with my four favourite aussies I decided to head back home, the boys had knackered me out and I just needed sleep. I got home and took myself upstairs because mum was flat out on the sofa, I put my bag by my bed and took my pyjamas to the bathroom with me. I turned the shower on and slowly slipped off my clothes and under garments, I hopped into the shower and the hot water hit my skin causing my body to cover in goosebumps, I washed my makeup off, washed my hair and then got out the shower. I blow dried my hair and put my pyjamas on. I finally settled in bed and soon enough fell asleep after a long day.


it was 6:15. My alarm was buzzing beside me, I hate Mondays, I hate school. If the boys weren't there I would probably have been home schooled by now its all too much drama, bitchy girls bitching about you constantly, however I've got the boys where there's trouble they're always there to help. "Fuck!" I mumbled to myself, I'd managed to drop my top I had picked out for today on top of my cup and got the corner of my sleeve soaked. "there goes my outfit choice" I sighed and got another top out, slinging it on the bed.

I curled my hair at the ends and applied some foundation, eyeliner and mascara, I then slipped my clothes on and went down stairs to get some food. I must admit I'm not exactly pretty, but if I make the effort I can look decent enough for the world to see me. It was 7:45, I had 15 minuets to get to school, I must have been slow today. I quickly called Luke to see if he could come pick me up on his way to school. "hello luke, can you come pick me up? I'm late... oh you're outside?... I'll be right out" I ended the call, picked up my bag and toast and went outside. I jumped in the car giving Luke a quick peck on the cheek.

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