Too late (L.H)


11. 11

The drive to the zoo was silent not a peep from anyone, just the radio quietly playing in the back ground. I spent the whole time staring out the window lost in daydreams, I could see Luke looking over at me every few minutes but I never looked back at him, I didn't exactly know what was wrong but I was upset and I didn't know why.

"We're here" Ashton yelled causing everyone to giggle, everyone but me

"What's wrong babe?" luke whispered in my ear

"nothing, just feeling down I'm fine, I love you"

"I love you too" luke said then placing a kiss on my forehead

I grabbed his hand and we walked to the entrance, Ashton paid as it was his idea to come, as soon as we were in the zoo Luke and the boys ran over to the Penguin enclosure, and I slowly trailed behind. Luke always had a thing for Penguins, ever since he was little. He still keeps his teddy on his bed which I find so adorable


"come here, look how cute it is" Michael continued

I must admit it was really cute, I smiled at Michael and he continued talking to Luke about how we should adopt one

"your mum wouldn't let you adopt a penguin luke" I chuckled to myself

"Its worth a try tho! I really want one" he replied

I giggled to myself and walked to the candy floss stand and brought me and the boys a bag each

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