Too late (L.H)


10. 10

I woke up to the smell of fresh pancakes and no Luke by my side, I slowly dragged myself out of bed, I checked my phone it was 7, Luke you anger me sometimes.

"Luke!!" I yelled downstairs


"Why are you up so early, its like seven o'clock" I groaned

"Because we're going to the zoo! me you and the boys"

"ooooooo the zoo can we go to the penguin bit?oh and the monkeys? and can we get candyfloss? I'm so excited!!" I screeched

"You are such a child" he chuckled before handing me a plate of pancakes

"Oh Lucas, you are just too good to me" I gave him a smile and ate my breakfast.

Before I know it the 3 other boys came stumbling through the door, loud and annoying like always. Soon enough Calum was sitting on me.

"Get off me Calum you lump! I.. can't.. breath... you.. arse.hole"

"You're actually really comfy lils, might just sleep on you" he chuckled

"LUKEEEEE!! HELP ME!!" I screamed

"Calum get off her you lump" I turned too see Michael and ashton filming calum and I, I pushed him off of me and fixed my outfit and hair, walking out the room and flicking calum the finger.

"Can we go now? I can't bare to sit in the same room as them morons anymore" I chuckled slightly

"Babe they're coming with us, we've still got the car journey left" I pouted at luke and walked over to the car and hopped in the passenger seat.

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