Too late (L.H)


1. 1

Lily. 16. I'm just the regular kid you see around school, the quiet unknown one. I walked along the corridor to my locker, I got my books out and placed them in my locker.

"Lily" I heard someone shout, I turned to see Ashton with a huge grin on his face

"What do you want" I snapped

"Don't be so miserable your whole life! I only wanted to see if you wanted to watch some films tonight with me and the boys, but don't worry" he replied in a sad tone

"I'm sorry ash I don't mean to be so snappy, but hey I'd love to come" I replied in a cheerful tone

"Great, see you at eight!" He cheered as he ran down the corridor.

I love that kid I do, I'm always so snappy with him though I never mean to be I guess I have been ever since he kissed me unexpectedly last week.


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