This story is about a girl who is bound by traditions, she lives her life in conflicts, she desires to run away from home and be free. Her parents has thought her that savages and deceiving people are out there ready to hurt her so must be careful at all times, little does she realizes that the savages names "doubt" and "fear" lives within her and are not out there.


2. Part 2

I am 15 years old. I am scared of school in particular the teachers. I have never thought of teachers as humans, to me they were always just teachers, who didn't have a life apart from teaching. So while other kids in my class are chatting with miss Yasmeen I am wondering how they do it this easily. I have a single friend in this big school where I have 62 girls in my classroom. This one friend, I share with my elder sister, is not a lively fellow, but then again so am I. During lunch time, me and my friend sit together, but we barely talk. 

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