The man is still after her

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  • Published: 7 Nov 2014
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She could not sleep that night after seeing him in the balcony waving by his hand with a mean yellow smile on his face.She kept moving on both sides all night thinking how to get rid of him and how to make him understand that she could never come back again


1. The man is still after her

She could not sleep that night after seeing him in the balcony waving by his hand with a mean yellow smile on his face.She kept moving on both sides all night thinking how to get rid of him and how to make him understand that she could never come back again and she had organized her life and imagined her future alone at least during this time.The dawn has come and she did not find a solution yet ,she heard her mother preparing to pray Al Fajr,so she got out of the bed very tired and prepared to pray with her mom.After the Fajr prayer,she sat for a while till the sunrise, praying and asking God to show her the right way to get out of this problem.Then,her mom asked her to prepare breakfast for both of the.She felt happy as she is a food lover and felt that she can get out of this mood by having a good breakfast meal and drop all of this black ideas and fears out of her mind.She asked her mom with a happy voice and happy smile what do you prefer for breakfast mom?her mom was diabetic so she told her let me measure my sugar blood first and then decide what to eat. Ok, here you are the device,and she helped her mom by entering the device out of its box and giving her the blood strip.Oh, yes perfect it is 130,let's eat mussels  with two eggs for both of us with butter it will be very tasty,and cottage cheese with slices of tomato and some corn oil,I will add salt on the cheese because I like it salty mom,so do you want salt like me. 

Of course,not,you know I my blood pressure is not balanced the last three days so please never add any salt my dear daughter.Okay,mo I will open the Tv to watch hear some songs,do not make the sound volume too loud because I want to read some Quraan until you finish the breakfast preparation,okay clear.Mom, breakfast is prepared and please come quickly because I am so hungry and want to eat quickly and go to sleep because I did not sleep will yesterday.

Okay(tayeb),what are these songs and what they are wearing and singing what you are watching change the channel to another  religion channel until I finish the breakfast I do not want to hear or see these things I want to sleep Pure. HTA: speaking while watching the new clip of of her favorite singer ,okay just another 30 seconds and it will finish see mom how beautiful his sound and the lyrics and the music mom it is just music and art. HTA: change the channel or I will not have my breakfast with you ,I will have it on my bed and you should know that I have the right to watch what I want, I am not watching TV at all except at meals times,and with a threatening voice and fire look understood.understood HTA looked at her with a cold eye and said into herself my favorite song finished and yes understood mom.In herself she said and you should understood that I am now 30 years old and the strict thick and threatening voice will not make me scary or raise fears into me again,understood and I just obey because you are my mom and I should obey understood, and because Allah told us never to say even a sigh into their face when they are old so I understood ,HTA :why not eating my dear you said you are hungry,increase the sound volume of TV,HTA with the same cold look and angry silence increased the volume and started to eat her breakfast wow what a tasty cheese and mussels with eggs I really like this cook very much, and the bread this time has enhanced , mom the bread is good can not you see, I think despite all of these circumstances in the country but after our second revolution they did much care about the bread quality and its gradients.Yes, it had enhanced too much and I think the new government is doing its best to rebuild the whole miss and chaos in the past three years. HTA: I told you before my opinion about these disillusioned group they did not understand anything and just want to rule us with no experience or even to their country or us ,they just love themselves and their interests, and that is why we made our glory 30th June revolution against the religion tyranny and the bloody and thirsty desire for just to rule and control.Her mom told her what Allah sees and seeks for the best of the country will be it has been mentioned in Al Quraan and Allah will protect us forever, and my opinion is I want the best interest and safe for the all.


Of course, into herself HTA said you want the the rule by religion only as they convinced you into the mosque that this is the best for the country to keep the principles and customs or these principles will not be applied and rules will be broken.

Mom:why you are starring and looking into my eyes by this way,HTA: sorry but I was thinking into your words, you are right you are always right,I am going to sleep.

On her bed and after this good meal she felt saturated and fall asleep quickly.

Suddenly she wake up and was so happy that she forgot this nightmare and smiled while looking up into the ceiling and felt so relief what a happy life I feel freedom and as a big burden has been put down from my shoulders and smiled again but again she felt pain into her left eyes and looked directly towards the window in front her bed she saw a red spot passing through it from the windows openings and heard strange sounds from the doormen and their kids into the street insulting her under her balcony she was shocked and again the same miserable and depression feelings attack her so quickly.

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